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  • A10M A20M A30M Titan Extruder feeder Kit for 1.75mm filament
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A10M A20M A30M Titan Extruder feeder Kit for 1.75mm filament


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This is an injection molded version of Titan Extruder feeder Kit for 1.75mm filament only. 

This kit can be used on A10M, A20M and A30M printer; can not be used on A10, A20, A30 single extruder printer.


1. Feed out with large torque;

2. Light weight;

3. Support remote and short-range feeding;

4. Strong compatibility, can print all the 1.75mm diameter filaments in circulation, optimized the ability to remotely and reliably print flexible filaments such as TPU;

5. Using high-strength engineering materials to manufacture products resistant to aging;

6. The gear reducer structure uses the smallest motor to convert the maximum force and the feed speed is more stable, improving the print quality and effectively reducing the overall weight.


Filament size: 1.75mm

Type of filament: PLA, ABS , TPUetc.

Motor parameters:

Step angle: 1.8°;

Rated voltage: DC 2.77V;

Rated current: DC 1.68A;

Holding torque: ≥380mN.m;

Size: 42 * 42 * 40mm;

Motor shaft length: 24mm


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  • Jeff Prentice | 06/23/2021

    Which extruder kit should I purchase for an A30 Pro?

    • Jocelin Jia | 06/24/2021

      hello, A30 PRO feeder kit is not listed on our store ,you can order this one, but write a comment for your order , need A30 Pro feeder kit instead . not comment here on product page , but write a comment where when you place an order .