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  • I3 PRO C Printer S-250-12 12V 20A DC power supply

I3 PRO C Printer S-250-12 12V 20A DC power supply

SKU: 700-001-0803 5 Reviews
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This power adapter is mainly used for Computer project and 3D printers.


AC input voltage range:85-264VAC 47-63Hz

Input current: 115V /2A, 230V/1A

Output: 12V/ 0-20A

AC inrush current: Cold-start current 20A/115A 40A/230V

Leakage current: <1MA/240VAC

Dc adjustable range: +/_10% rated output voltage

Overload protection: 105%-150% hiccup mode, auto-recovery

Over-voltage protection: 115%-135% cut off the output, auto-recovery

Setup, rise, hold up time: 200ms, 50ms, 20ms.

Load regulation: +/_ 1%

Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃, 20%~90RH

Weight/package/size: 0.65kg, 199x 109x 50mm


Note:This power supply just can ship by DHL not for the register mail !

1 x S-250-12 12V 20A DC power supply

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  • Rui Rodrigues   |   12/27/2018

      |   reply

    HI dear support, My item was sent back by Portugal Customs. I think it's in Germany DHL. What can I do in this situation? Thanks

    • Jocelin Jia   |   01/02/2019

        |   reply

      can you please send me order number?

  • Rui Rodrigues   |   08/10/2018

      |   reply

    Hi there, could you send me the invoice in pdf format please?

    • Jocelin Jia   |   08/10/2018

        |   reply

      hello, please buy it directly on the website and pay by paypal, then send maisl to victory.lei@geeetech.cn to ask invoice, thanks

  • Jochen Kainer   |   01/04/2017

      |   reply

    Thank you so much for the delivery and fair costs.