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1 Meter 2GT Belt (sold by meter)
Pitch 2mmWidth 6±0.2mmLength 1 meter
1 piece TMC2208 driver for 3d printer
1 x TMC2208 Driver1 x Heat Sink1 x Screwdriver
$6.90 $8.45
10 pcs x Rubberized Bearing Pulley
Ball bearings 625zzInner hole 5mmOuter diameter 24mm
2 Meter 10mm width timing belt Y-axis for Thunder
for Thunder Y-axis2 meter length10mm width
2 Meter 6MM width timing belt X-axis for Thunder
for Thunder X-axis2 meter length6mm width
2 pcs x steel Bearing Pulley for Thunder
for thundersteel bearingHole spacing: 31mm
2pcs* 3010/DC 12V Cooling Fan for Extruder Hotend/ Control Board 30x30x10mm
DC 12V Cooling Fan30x30x10mmFor Hotend/Control board
$1.99 $5.50
2pcs* 4020/DC 24V Cooling Radial Turbo Blower Fan with 120mm cable
40x40x20mm24V Speed 6800rpm2pin Blower Fan
$3.99 $8.90
35 copper hot bed aluminum substrate 235 (3mm thick)
Heatbed Aluminum Plate235*235*3mmApplicable to A10 series
$4.99 $29.90
3D Printer Brass M6 nozzle for MK8 extruder/0.3mm
Material:BrassScrew thread: M60.3mm
3D Printer MK8 Extruder Hot End Kit
Cartridge Heater: 12V40W0.3mm100K NTC Thermister
5pcs * Nozzle for A10M A20M A30M, A10T A20T A30T Printer, 0.4mm nozzle,Screw thread M7
0.4mm brass M7 nozzleInput diameter 1.75mmfor A10M A20M A30M
5pcs * Nozzle for Thunder 3D Printer
0.4mm brass M6 nozzleInput diameter 1.75mmfor Thunder Printer
5pcs A4988 Stepstick Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heat Sink for 3D Printer
Slient DriverPerfect sinusoidal contrFaster motor acceleratio
$6.90 $8.90
5pcs* Nozzle for Mizar M 3d Printer, 0.4mm Nozzle, Screw thread M8
For Mizar MCaliber: 4.5-0.4mmModel :M8 thread caliber
$22.99 $28.99
5pcs* Nozzle for Mizar Series 3d Printer, 0.4mm Nozzle, Screw thread M6
0.4mm brass M6 nozzleInput diameter 1.75mmfor Mizar Series Printer
A10M A20M 2 in 1 out dual extruder hotend, 24V 40W, 125mm long heating rod
Dual extruder hotendfor A10M A20Mfor V4.0 board version
A10T A20T A30T 3 in 1 out hotend kit
3-in-1 outA10T A20T A30T0.4mm nozzle
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