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  • Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor
  • Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor
  • Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor
  • Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor
  • Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor

Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor

SKU: 700-001-1337 38 Reviews
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3D Touch V3.2 Pro is the new generation hotbed automatic leveling accessory of FDM 3D printer. Built by the latest technology, it can accurately measure the inclination of the hotbed. It can be used for hotbeds made of glass, wood, metal, etc. Users no longer need to manually level the hotbed, bringing users a simpler and faster hot bed leveling experience, and improving the printing success rate and printing accuracy.

Equipped with new structural design for higher precision, features such as beautiful appearance, super high precision, etc.,3D Touch V3.2 Pro can be widely used in various FDM 3D printers, it is a necessary accessory for 3D printers;


3-pin: Brown (-, GND), Red (+5V), Orange (control signal)

2-pin: Black (-, GND), White (Z min)


New structural design, higher precision

Suitable for various materials hotbeds

l  New industrial design

New surface treatment

l  High precision, accuracy deviation is ±0.005mm

l  Automatic detection after power on

l  Abnormal alarm

l  More stable and reliable

 Intelligent measurement











Power supply: DC 5V


1. 3D-touch: 1

2. M3 screws: 4

3. M3 nuts: 2

4. Metal holder: 1

5. 18cm cable: 1

6. 100cm cable: 1

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  • Scott Derose   |   03/13/2024

      |   reply

    How can I get the 5 pin cable for the mizar m?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   03/23/2024

        |   reply

      Dear customer , Do you need to buy an automatic leveler?this is product link :https://www.geeetech.com/geeetech-3d-touch-v32-pro-auto-leveling-sensor-p-1222.html thanks for your consult ,hope you have a good day .

  • Paulo Metelo   |   12/27/2023

      |   reply

    his the correct one for A20M

    • Geeetech Staff   |   12/28/2023

        |   reply

      Dear customer, it is suitable for A20M, if you have any problems you can contact this mailbox : myorder@geeetech.com, hope you have a good day .

  • Cindy Simonson   |   11/12/2023

      |   reply

    Is this the correct one for A20T

    • Geeetech Staff   |   11/13/2023

        |   reply

      it is the correct one for A20T .

  • Harald Kieweg   |   09/05/2023

      |   reply

    Hallo, ist das für den A30T geeignet?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   09/06/2023

        |   reply

      Of course, 3d touch v3.2 pro is suitable for any Geeetech 3d printer

  • Bill Burkhardt   |   08/25/2023

      |   reply

    Hi Just received this and The Metal holder that comes with it does not Fit the Mizar M... could you let me know how to get the correct holder, part number to order ?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   08/25/2023

        |   reply

      Hello, pls place the order on this link: https://www.geeetech.com/pro-b-and-pro-w-printer-mk8-extruder-holder-p-949.html, and leave a comment like" i need the sku 45-001-0903", our colleague will process the order for you.

  • Eduardo Miller   |   08/16/2023

      |   reply

    I just received the 3d sensor and is the part compatible to Myzar extruder as I include in the instructions the part and sku that Identify this connectors_br_Thank You

    • Geeetech Staff   |   08/16/2023

        |   reply

      Hello, thanks for your support. If any problems, just let me know freely:)

  • ludovic pade   |   07/29/2023

      |   reply

    bonjour peut on le monter sur l'imprimante mizar s_br_

    • Geeetech Staff   |   07/31/2023

        |   reply


  • Eduardo Miller   |   07/16/2023

      |   reply

    I had the same problem as Philip Eardley _br_I do not want to keep swapping sensors as well_br_I send to tech support several messages untill I received a part No. mizar m 3D TOUCH V3.2PRO,SKU is 700-001-1502_br_I ask the question to sales regarding the part No. and they direct me to tech support_br_so I got into a loop here ._br_I'm an electronic engineer so maybe I will manage to get a terminal connector and replace it ._br_But in a attemp to order the correct sensor part, I include a comment with the SKU No.given by tech support , hopefully I'll get the correct sensor with the flat ribbon cable connectors

    • Geeetech Staff   |   07/17/2023

        |   reply

      Geeetech technical support has replied to you, please pay attention to check the information.

  • philip eardley   |   07/07/2023

      |   reply

    The connector for the leveler on the Mizar M printer modual is different to the one shown on the screen. Is the connector for Mizar M included as do not want to keep swapping two sensors to avoid the issue of keep swapping the sensor from the print head many thanks

    • Geeetech Staff   |   07/10/2023

        |   reply

      Hello, please send your questions directly to support@geeetech.com Our technicians will answer your questions directly.

  • LUIGI DE LELLIS   |   04/23/2023

      |   reply

    salve buona sera si puo istallare su mizar s?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   04/24/2023

        |   reply


  • Jean Leclerc   |   02/24/2023

      |   reply

    Do you have a shipping update?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   02/24/2023

        |   reply

      Hello, I have sent you the tracking number, please check your email!

  • Dylan Delnaisse   |   01/28/2023

      |   reply

    _br_hello can it be mounted on a mizar s

    • Geeetech Staff   |   01/30/2023

        |   reply


    • Dylan Delnaisse   |   02/22/2023

        |   reply

      what is the procedure for mounting the sensor

    • Geeetech Staff   |   02/23/2023

        |   reply

      Here's the link to the video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-Zofqk4Mvc

  • Ricardo San Román   |   11/08/2022

      |   reply

    Hola, el nuevo 3D touch V3.2 Pro es compatible con la impresora A10T? Gracias_br_

    • Geeetech Staff   |   11/10/2022

        |   reply

      Hello, yes, it can be used.

  • Ralph Elias   |   09/29/2022

      |   reply

    Can i use this on my A10M has the 3D Touch 3.2 PRO same conectors and size as the normal 3d touch? is it backward compatible

    • Geeetech Staff   |   09/29/2022

        |   reply

      Hello, yes, it can be used

  • Richard Slatin   |   08/27/2022

      |   reply

    Will this work with the FLSUN printers? Plug in the robin_nano main board and flash the firmware to Marlin?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   08/29/2022

        |   reply

      hello,pls ask the seller of the machine FLSUN printers if it supports 3dtouch or bltouch, if yes , then our 3d touch can work on it. If you need to install our 3DTouch on another machine, you need to consider two things. Compatibility of hardware and firmware. You need to consider whether there are 3DTouch support pins on the motherboard or extension board. And whether 3DTouch bracket can be installed on printhead. You need also to consider whether the machine is configured with 3DTouch firmware. Our 3dtouch is supported by Marlin. We have a video of 3DTouch installation on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-Zofqk4Mvc&t=78s

  • Steven Achilles   |   07/19/2022

      |   reply

    Does this sensor works with the "older" Geeetech A30 printer (hardware version 3.3 and firmware version V1.37.59)?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   07/19/2022

        |   reply

      Hello, Steven, you can order SKU: 700-001-0969 https://www.geeetech.com/geeetech-3d-touch-v32-auto-leveling-sensor-p-1010.html

  • Peter Law   |   03/10/2022

      |   reply

    I need some help with 3Dtouch v3.2 Pro I just installed it on my geeetech A20 on Tuesday and yesterday I updated the firmware and i try to level it it doesn’t work and i needs help to get it working

    • Judy YU   |   03/11/2022

        |   reply

      hello, if you use it on A20 , need update firmware that support 3d touch . pls check which version control board does your printer has , then update corresponding firmware . if it is V4.0 board , pls update firmware A20_G05(CH340 Support 3Dtouch) https://www.geeetech.com/download.html?download_id=32 and check whether you connect the 3d touch correctly or not .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVi_Ba-aF0U any more question , you can create a support ticket on our website https://www.geeetech.com , My Account --log in --Help&Support ----New ticket , Our technical support will reply you directly.The machine code may at side of the printer .  if you do not find/ know the machine code, it does not matter , write any 14 code is fine. 

  • Willi Gebh   |   03/05/2022

      |   reply

    Ist der BL Touch auch für den A30 Pro

    • Judy YU   |   03/09/2022

        |   reply

      yes, it can be used on A30 Pro. pls turn on the auto leveling option , and active 3d touch option on screen if you connect 3d touch