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  • 2pcs LM8UU  Linear Bearings
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2pcs LM8UU Linear Bearings


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Structure and features of linear bearing is a shell, special ball, retainer ring or a ring with both ends of the card formed. Cage within the device in the case, from both ends of the clasp or ring fixed to ball in the cage track surface a repeating cycle of movement. And shell after adequate heat treatment to a certain level of hardness, to ensure the accuracy and stability of movement and life. Ball cage formed by the nylon resin injection pressure, which can reduce the ball and the retainer between the noise and wear, and play the guiding role of accurate, linear bearings allow the use of the temperature is 80 or less.




Material: carbon steel

Inner Diameter: 8mm

Outer Diameter: 15mm

Length: 24mm



1. The linear bearing assembly within the bearing, do not directly impact client and cards bearing shell side of the ring and the ring, use the special tool slowly pressed into uniform.

2. Linear bearings and special shaft for assembly, we should pay attention to the axis of shaft and bearing axes remain parallel, can not be used to install a large angle, the angle is too large easily affect the accuracy and bearing life, and may even direct result of ball off.


Package List:

2 x LM8UU 8mm Linear Bearing

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  • Francisco Canton | 06/07/2013

    500g?. Are you sure?. I think that you should fix the weight for this item