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  • Fan extention wire M/M 1200mm
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Fan extention wire M/M 1200mm


Shipping Weight:8g

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This is extrntion wire for the fan on extruder.





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  • Marko Düsterberg | 01/03/2018

    Hi, where can i find the fan compatible with this cable?

    • Zina Luo | 01/05/2018

      Hi Marko ,which printer you would like to use for ?Is this one compatiable to you ?

      • Marko Düsterberg | 01/05/2018

        Hi, i have an Acrylic Prusa i3 Pro C here and i want to upgrade it but i cannot find the fan for it only the fan extension wire that is compatible with that printer.

        • Zina Luo | 01/10/2018

          Hi Marko ,now all the fan we change same as those we listed on the website .

          • Marko Düsterberg | 01/10/2018

            Hi Zina, do i understand this right that you are don't sell any 40x40x10 fans with the same connector as this extension wire here anymore?

            • Zina Luo | 01/15/2018

              HI Marko ,yes .So do you still need ?

  • Rolf Werdehausen | 03/24/2017

    Can i use it with my GT2560 for a new fan?

    • Zina Luo | 03/25/2017

      Hi Rolf ,yes you can.

  • Richard Neal | 11/21/2016

    Can't find the Hex nut M3. I was shorted in the kit several. Please Send them Rick

    • rita xiang | 11/21/2016

      Hello Richard, please provide me your order number.