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  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
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A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform


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3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Plate includes two parts:The bottom layer is stuck to the aluminum plate (no need to remove) and the top layer is the model printing layer.

This design can solve the problem that the model is difficult to remove from hotbed, now you can tear off the upper layer directly and remove the model. This surface is easily removed, can be used repeatedly and flexible. The edge of print model won't warp using the magnetic Plate.



1. Name: 3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Plate

2. Material: Mylar + rubber magnetic composite material

3. Adhesive: 3M double-sided adhesive

4. Working temperature: <70 ℃

5. Thickness: total thickness 1.6mm, top thickness 1mm, bottom thickness 0.6mm

6. Size:

Top layer 240*240*1mm

Bottom layer 235*235*0.6mm

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  • Andrea Zacchi | 07/05/2021

    Is it compatible with a A10pro?

    • Jocelin Jia | 07/07/2021

      yes , it is compatible