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  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
  • A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform

A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform

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3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Plate includes two parts:The bottom layer is stuck to the aluminum plate (no need to remove) and the top layer is the model printing layer.

This design can solve the problem that the model is difficult to remove from hotbed, now you can tear off the upper layer directly and remove the model. This surface is easily removed, can be used repeatedly and flexible. The edge of print model won't warp using the magnetic Plate.



1. Name: 3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Plate

2. Material: Mylar + rubber magnetic composite material

3. Adhesive: 3M double-sided adhesive

4. Working temperature: <70 ℃

5. Thickness: total thickness 1.6mm, top thickness 1mm, bottom thickness 0.6mm

6. Size:

Top layer 240*240*1mm

Bottom layer 235*235*0.6mm

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  • Jesus Gutierrez   |   05/20/2023

      |   reply

    Which magnetic platform fits a mizar pro?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   05/22/2023

        |   reply

      Please place an order directly from this link.

  • Christian Strucker   |   01/31/2023

      |   reply

    Ich bin leider echt Enttäuscht von dem Produkt._br_Die Matte lässt sich gut abnehmen aber schon beim entfernen der Druckteile muss man echt gut aufpassen, dass die Matte nicht zerknickt. Die Schürze die um das Model gedruckt wird lässt sich nur extrem schlecht entfernen und hinterlässt Reste. Die Matte ansich verzeiht einem keinen Fehler. Vermutlich hätte ich besser direkt mehr Geld investieren sollen._br__br_

    • Geeetech Staff   |   02/01/2023

        |   reply

      Hallo, es wird vorgeschlagen, dass die Druckhöhe der ersten Schicht nach verschiedenen Modellen ausprobiert werden kann, ich glaube, Sie können die Methode der Verwendung schnell beherrschen.

  • Kevin Kröpfl   |   01/18/2023

      |   reply

    Bringt diese A10 Magnet platte was auf einem Glasbett?_br_

    • Geeetech Staff   |   02/01/2023

        |   reply

      Hallo. Die beiden können nicht zusammen verwendet werden. Die Glasplatte ist hart und nicht leicht zu zerkratzen. Magnetische Saugnäpfe lassen sich leicht aufnehmen, hinterlassen aber häufig Spuren. Bitte wählen Sie eine nach Ihren Bedürfnissen aus.

  • Joachim Rieß   |   10/30/2022

      |   reply

    Are this magnetic parts shoteble to 180 x 180 mm for using them on a Mecreator 2 ?

    • Joachim Rieß   |   11/04/2022

        |   reply

      can i cut it to the right size with a saw?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   11/01/2022

        |   reply

      It's not suitable for Mecreator 2, because of the mismatched size.

    • Geeetech Staff   |   11/04/2022

        |   reply

      Of course you can because of your ownership, but we do not recommend doing so, as it may cause the platform edge unflat and may reduce the print quality when print near the platform edge.

    • Joachim Rieß   |   04/24/2023

        |   reply

      Hi,_br__br_i was try it. I have cut both parts of this set with a scissor. Part one to 185x185mm and part two (the mylarpart) to 190x190mm. So the edges don't lift up._br__br_For me it works perfekt on my Mecreator2. I love it.

    • Geeetech Staff   |   04/24/2023

        |   reply

      Thank you for your support to geeetech, welcome to buy again.

  • Werner Vollmer   |   06/29/2022

      |   reply

    Is it pssible to use this printing plattform with a Prusa I3 PRO C Dual Extruder?_br_Can I cut it to the right size?

    • Geeetech Staff   |   06/30/2022

        |   reply

      hello , the size is too big for Pro C printer. if you would like to try cutting into right size by yourself , you can order one to try see if will work

  • Andrea Zacchi   |   07/05/2021

      |   reply

    Is it compatible with a A10pro?

    • Jocelin Jia   |   07/07/2021

        |   reply

      yes , it is compatible