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3D Maker Salon

3D Maker Salon is the online channel for 3D Makers to share their valuable experience, printing skills innovations or interesting stories with other beginners and enthusiasts face to face.

This Salon is a whole new sharing style——set up a platform which makes the audiences can communicate with the speakers in real time via live video.

It is opened to public, Welcome to enrich sharing types with your ideas, for speakers who applied successfully will get a gift from Geeetech Company.

Event Arrangement
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In Geeetech 3D Maker Salon #32, we are going to have a newbie hobbyist friend Jason Brooks to join us to share his experience this Friday. About Jason Brooks Jason is a 3 month newbie hobbyist from UK, who printed custom designed brackets for Raspberry Pi Projects, various Calibration Tools, like
3D printing technologies have become a vital tool for workforce development in helping new generations gain appreciation into design, production and maintenance of equipment. Many call 3d printing the gateway drug into manufacturing as exposure into 3d printing can lead into so many more career opti
In Geeetech3D Maker Salon #30, we are going to invite Sam Prentice to share his latest droid building project and some props he has made recently, give some practical tips on how to make droids and some ideas on using 3D pen.
In Geeetech 3D Maker Saon Episode 29, Barry who is responsible for Geeetech technical support team will join this live togther with Spring to introduce about how to get Geeetech Official Technical Support? Barry will share the common questions that he had got from our customers and some of his own
In Episode 28 of Geeetech 3D Maker Salon, we are going to invite Makoto Schoppert to talk about multi-filament nozzles comparison and using Git to make our life easier when updating Marlin Firmware. Makoto Schoppert works a software developer as a profession, and he has a background in electronics.
In episode 27, we are going to invite Jeff Freeman to share some great ideas about his 3D printing experience and changes he had made with 3D printing. Jeff Freeman is 3d printing hobbyist and lighting designer. He likes make prototype of objects. He had 3printers, and had voluntarily made free mas
In Geeetech 3D Maker Salon Episode 26, we are going to invite Neil Woodman to share his 3D printing stories and some great ideas to upcycle our old empty spools to encourage 3D printing hobbyist to stop throwing away spools! Neil woodman is a 3d designer and engineer, who enjoys gaming in his hobby
This week we are going to talk about how to do purging properly for multi-color 3D printers with John Chrapkowski. John is a 3D printing hobbyist in US who has 5 Geeetech printers and an active member in our Geeetech multi-color group who help others often in solving 3D printing problems. He had so
In Geeetech 3D Maker Salon Episode 24, we are going to livestream with Jerry of 3DHP and his New 3dPrinting Project Ecto1 at 250% scale. Jerry is retired in Las Vegas and now 3D printing is his full-time hobby. He does reviews on his Youtube and post on social media platform. He is going to share h
In Geeetech 3D Maker Salon # 23, we are going to talk about “3D printing to enhance your hobbies” with William Finn, who is a 3D Printing hobbyist from USA. William has been into 3D printing for 3 years. His 3d printing hobbies include 3d printing, astronomy, physics. He enjoyed 3D printing stuff e
we are glad to invite Neil Bowden to discuss about “How to edit, repair, customize and make easier stl file to print” during live streaming.
In Geeetech 3D Maker Salon # 21, we are going to demonstrate and discuss about “How to Set Up and Use OctoPrint in Geeetech A30M” with Sam Prentice, who is a Star Wars Droid Builder, a 3D printing Tester Reviewer & User from UK. Sam has been engaged in building 3D printing droids and droid parts fo
This week we are going to have a discussion about “How to find the best 3d print models or find someone to make for you” with Mateus Arantes from Brazil, who is a a 3D printing modeler and has been into 3D printing for 2 years. He has DIY built a Geeetech I3 Prusa printer and currently on a project
In this Live, Joanna and Spring would like to invite our dear friends to join us on live to have an open discussion togehter regarding suggestions and ideas you'd have about our 3D Maker Salon. Any comments or ideas are welcomed. We’d like to listen to you to know what would you expect us to have a
We are honored to invite Akos Wonerth who is an experienced 3D printing engineer and designer from Germany and is good at home automation & has been into 3D printing for 3 years. Akos has designd quite a few functional parts for his own Geeetech printers including Geeetech i3ProB/Geeetech A30/Geeet
We are honored to invite Andrea Bisio who is a young 3D printing hobbyist from Italy. As a maker in our 3d printing community that likes to print and design objects that are useful and sometimes about his hobbies (space and flying), Andrea has been engaged in making 3D printing for 3 and half yea
We have invited Special Speaker Sam Prentice, Michael Baddeley, Jim McCann to Geeetech LIVE for the Droids and Robotics Brought to life with 3D Printing. About Sam Prentice Sam Prentice is a Star Wars Droid Builder, a 3D printing Tester Reviewer & User from UK. Sam has been 3D printing droids and
We’re honored to invite Christian Abeler who win a 2nd place to our 3D Maker Salon live show Episode 15th on Aug.14th this Friday. Welcome to join. Christian Abeler is from Bremen,Germany. He printed various decorations and tools for home and garden with Geeetech printer. He is going to share som
We are honored to invite Norm Wilson, an Aspiring Prop/Droid Maker, Nerd, and Panda Fan, who enjoys and makes money with 3d Printers. He and his wife run a shop on Etsy named the 3D Panda. He had 4 printers - among them, 3 printers are from Geeetech, including an A30, an A10m, a MeCreator 2. He i
We are inviting Nicolas CAROF from France, who is an aviation enthusiast to our 3D Maker Salon. He had more than 3 years of experience in 3D printing with more than 2000 hours of printing. And he has owned Geeetech I3 Pro C and is a dedicated 3D printer hobbyist. He is going to share own experience
We are inviting an experienced user Edoardo Blasio from Italy to share his experience. He will introduce the different filaments and difficulties during using, as well as cleaning the prints.
Our guest this time is going to be Spring ZHOU, who is a new energetic member of Geeetech. She is a great fan of innovative technologies and likes to learn new things. She likes to make friends and have fun. Her new goal is to learn swim and understand Geeetech technologies and help more users to so
Our special guest Matt Farmer will share his experience on printer maintenance, notice to print small models, and retraction speed and distance settings in slicing.
Joanna and Keith from Geeetech marketing team will show you how to solve hotbed no heating problem on Geeetech A series.
2020.6.18 US Eastern time 9:15-10:00 PM Experienced 3D printing hobbyiest Bruce Greenleaf to share his expereince about how to How to Print Fluently on A Series 3D printers.
2020.6.12 US Eastern time 9:15-10:00 PM Experienced 3D printing hobbyiest Israel Andrade to share his expereince about 3D printer maintenance and how to troubleshoot printer.
2020.6.1 European time 12:30-13:30 am Experienced 3D printing hobbyiest Bobby Wattson to share his opinion about 3D printing use in education and daily life.
2020.5.3 European time 11:30-12:00 am Special guest Bobby Wattson to share his printing experience
GEEETECH will share experience and methods to fight against coronavirus at 10:30PM 22th March, 2020
Our good friend John Chrapkowski and his cutie boys will share their printing for fun and functions. 9:00PM Jan 2,2020 (CST Time)
The topic of Jens West's sharing is how to create filament 20:00-21:00 27/12 Europe Time on Facebook
Andreas Braun shared his valuable experience of “GEEETECH A10T” in 3D Maker Salon Facebook Live show

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3D Maker Salon is the online channel for 3D Makers to share. If you have experience, printing skills, innovations or interesting stories, Welcome to apply as a speaker, to share with other beginners and enthusiasts.

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