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After sale service

Thanks for shopping at Geeetech. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy   the cool stuff we made.

We also want to make sure you will have a rewarding experience while youexplore   and use our products. We believe you will be satisfied with the products you   bought from Geeetech. That’s because we make every effort to ensure that   they are designed and build to meet your needs.

We understand, however, that sometimes, a product may not be what you expect   it to be. Or there are some Situations in which the product you bought suffered   physical damages caused by wrong installation, operation, demolition, repair   and modification without the permission, or injuries caused by natural force   or other majeure force after the purchase.

If you encounter the above situations, you can contact with our after-sale   service. If it is a matter of missing deliver you can send an e-mail to myorder@geeetech.com.   We will confirm with the logistics department or the logistics company. Once   we figure out the situation, we will make it up for you. If it is a matter of technical issue, please log in our official website and create a ticket in Help & Support. (you can refer to problem solving instruction about how to create ticket) our technical staff will assist you to define the problems and help you resolve it.

Please attach some pictures of the product to illustrate the issues. And   you are supposed to elaborate the problem that get you stuck, so that we can   help you effectively and efficiently.


7 Days DOA Guarantee Policy

If the item you received is damaged, please contact us within 7 days of the order being received and provide the clear and valid proof (photos or video of the item and the SKU number). Geeetech will verify the case and negotiate compensation solutions with you according to the extent of damage, such as partial refund / resending accessories / resending a new product, etc.


7 Days Missing/Wrong Items Guarantee Policy

When you sign for the package, we highly recommend you to unpack and check the item(s). If there is an item missing, a wrong item or secondary packaging, please kindly contact us within 7 days after the date of receipt and provide the product information (SKU number / order number) and the related proof (eg: clear photos of the package, photos or video of received item and package weight).

If Geeetech confirm it as a non-customer problem (eg: missing items, wrong items, or product incompleteness caused by logistics), we will arrange reshipment of accessories/partial refund/a new replacement/return and replacement based on the specific case.


Product Quality Guarantee Policy

Geeetech provide quality warranty service if there are any quality problems or non-human caused problems. Warranty time starts from the time when you receive the goods and last 1 year. Please note that any overdue requests will not be accepted.
Reference of Quality Guarantee Solutions:
1. Refund: partial refund / full refund / return and refund.
2. Reship: resend partial products/a new replacement.
3. Repair or exchange.

1. For products purchased with large promotional discounts (snatch, half-and-above discounts, free gifts, giveaways, etc), if there are any quality issues, refund is the only available option.
2.  If the product is damaged/misused by customers, the warranty will be invalid immediately. No compensation is available in such cases. However, you are welcome to contact us to purchase a replacement or spare parts (if applicable).
3. Proof is needed for any non-human quality problems.
4. For some products, customers need to provide damage proof or cooperate to check and confirm problems, otherwise we may not be able to cover you under Product Warranty Policy.
5.[The warranty is invalid if the customer operates the product under the following circumstances]:
-modify, delete, customize or exchange product components
-use the device in an inappropriate manner
-continue to use the item once a fault occurs and causes more damage