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Points & Discount

1What is the Geeetech Rewards Program?

The Geeetech Rewards Program is our way of thanking geeetech customer for supporting us. Once you have earned enough points, you will be ranked to different VIP levels, each level can enjoy different discount.


2 What is my VIP level and discount?

Please refer to the following table: 

Level Points required Discount (%)
 VIP 500-999 0
VIP1 1000 -4999 2
VIP2 5000-9999 3
VIP3 10000-19999 5
 VIP4 20000-29999 7
  VIP5 30000+ 10

3 How do I have to enroll in this program?

All Geeetech customers are automatically enrolled in to the Rewards Program after registration. There are no additional requirements to earn rewards.

4 How does the points and discount work?

These discounts are done according to your VIP level. When checking out, you will be reminded how much discount you can get when you purchase products from our website. 

5 How do I earn reward points?

Once you have registered with geeetech.com, you can earn Geeetech Reward points through the following methods.

*Customer Referral:

"For every NEW customer you bring in to the store, YOU will get 50 geeetech reward points"

"For every new customer who come to geeetech.com and registered through a referral link or with a referral code can get 50 geeetech reward points"

For more detailes of our Customer Referral program, please refer  here  

*Writing reviews and posting videos and pictures :

Product text Reviews 10 Points

Pictures 10 Points

Videos 40 Points

For detailes of geeetech product Review program, please refer here.

*Product Purchases:

Every dollar you spend on products earns you points, excluding any returns. On the product page you can see the points you will earn by making the purchase. The rate is 1 USD = 1 point. Points will be awarded after payment has been received.

6 What happens to my rewards if I return an item?

The rewards you earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account. As you continue to make additional purchases, your rewards balance will increase.