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Customer Referral

What is referral code?

Every customer who registered on www.geeetech.com can get a unique referral code, that is also your customer ID on geeetech. 

After registration,the referral code will be automatically generated. You can find your referral code in your account information.

You can share your referral code with your friends on your social media like Facebook, Google plus or Twitter etc.

If they come to geeetech.com and fill your referral code in registration form,they will be counted as your referral customer.


What is referral URL?

Referral URL is the an unique link for you which you can share with others. 

You can share your referral URL with your friends on your social media like Facebook, Google plus or Twitter etc.

Customers who come to our website and registered through your referral URL will be regarded as your referred customer. 


Referral discount

"For every NEW customer you bring in to the store, YOU will get 50 geeetech reward points" 

"For every new customer who come to geeetech.com and registered through a referral link or with a referral code can get 50 geeetech reward points


If you don’t have any referral and referral from your friend, no worries, just leave the field alone and go on with registration, you will get your own referral code and referral URL and share it with your friends! 


Where to find my referral code and referral code?

1.After registration, you can check “my account” on the top right corner.


2. view my account information

3. you can see your unique referral code and url now.

1)Copy the url and share it with your friend. when your friend come to geeetech and register through your referral url, your referral code will appear automaticaly on his registration form.

2)Or you can ask your friend to enter your referral code when register. He/she will be a referred customer of you.

Any queries? Please feel free to contact us.