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  • MK8 extruder holder
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MK8 extruder holder


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This is a metal extruder holder for your Prusa I3 3d printer. Compared to the ABS/PLA printed plastic extruder holder, this metal one has better heat resistance. This one is for the MK8 sing extruder.  You can use it on the geeetech Prusa I3 pro, Prusa I3 pro B, and Geeetech Aluminum Prusa I3 3D Printer.


For detailed dimension, please refer to the picture.

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  • Michael Woletz | 03/13/2019

    Where can i find the MK8 Mount plate. The Aluminium plate between the MK8 Extruder and the Extruder holder. I cant find it in your shop Thx Michael

  • Vittorio Orlandi | 07/20/2017

    I not find MK8 assemble board, http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/File:Prusal_I3_manual_pic62.jpg, in your catalog.How can I order one? Thank you Vittorio

    • Zina Luo | 07/26/2017

      HI Vittorio,are you want to order the holder ?

  • Carlos Stein | 11/19/2016

    Hi. This holder includes the MK8 assemble board shown in this picture (http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/File:Prusal_I3_manual_pic62.jpg)? The MK8 assemble board is the part ID 65 of this page (http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Assemble_Manual_of_Geeetech_Acrylic_Prusa_I3_(5mm)#Mount_the_extruder_on_the_X_axis). Thanks

    • rita xiang | 11/21/2016

      Hello Carlos, this holder doesn't include the assemble board.

      • Massimo Canducci | 01/08/2018

        Hello, I need the assemble board too, where can I find it in your shop? I need the orange dissipator too, where can I find it?

        • Zina Luo | 01/10/2018

          HI Massimo ,which part you mentioned ?PLs kindly send to me by email:sales@geeetech.com

  • Enrique Florencio | 10/21/2016

    Hello! Does it holder use the extruder in a prusa I3 (as defined in reprap, not.bought in your store). It is , does it fit instead the Greg's Wade extruder ? Thanks

    • rita xiang | 10/23/2016

      Hello i am not sure,you can send a picture of your printer to techical@geeetech.com, they will help you to check.

  • Rodrigo Mendoza | 08/10/2016

    Arrived and everything perfect

    • rita xiang | 08/10/2016

      Thank you!