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  • Brass M6 nozzle for MK8 extruder
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Brass M6 nozzle for MK8 extruder


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This M6 nozzles is spare accessorie for Geeetech MK8 extruder.



Screw thread:M6

Nozzle Precision: 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.5mm(optional)

Suitable for 1.75mm/3mm filament


Package list:

1 x Spare M6 nozzle for MK8.



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  • Van MCQUEEN | 08/24/2020

    I have a very old I3 Pro B. This looks like my nozzle except McCarren nozzle has a thin Teflon tube attached is this the proper replacement?

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/28/2020

      hello, yes, this nozzle can be used on PRO B printer

  • Daniel Hernan Perez Arias | 12/17/2019

    Is it compatible for Geeetech A10M?

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/17/2019

      hello, no, this is M6 nozzle for MK8 extruder. A10M need M7 nozzle, pls buy 45-001-0448

  • Pg suffian said | 11/20/2019

    is it compatible for Geeetech E180

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/23/2019

      hello, it is not compatible for E180. you can order this nozzle, and leave a comment for your order that you need E180 nozzle 45-001-0315 , we will send you the right one. or send email to sales@geeetech.com, will arraneg offline for you

  • Stéphane Couvet | 09/01/2019

    Hi, Is it possible use the Brass M6 nozzles for my Printer A20M ? Thank you.

    • Jocelin Jia | 09/02/2019

      hello, this is not for A20M; pls search SKU: 45-001-0448, this is for A20M

  • Terry Lovell | 03/09/2018

    is this the nozzle for the Prusa I3 A Pro ? Thanks

    • Maria Olivier | 03/13/2018

      Hi Terry, Yes, this nozzel can use for PRUSA I3A PRO

  • Justnuisance Justnuisance | 01/31/2018

    I can use this for my Geeetech acrylic i3 pro b?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Justnuisance,this nozzle can use for pro B.Thanks

  • araken lotufo | 01/29/2018

    it is compatible with m201

  • stephane guillebaut | 01/23/2018

    Bonjour,puis je acheter cette buse pour mon i3pro c svp?merci

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Stephane,sorry for late reply.Yes it is compatible with Pro C.Thanks

  • Alexander Bratch | 11/28/2017

    Hi, is this nozzle in a 0.4 size what I need for a MeCreator 2? Thanks!

    • Zina Luo | 11/28/2017

      Hi Bratch ,yes it is .

  • Raphael Spigarelli | 02/06/2017

    Is what it is compatible with the Geeetech i3 pro b Thank you in advance

    • Zina Luo | 02/07/2017

      Hi ,is this one:https://www.geeetech.com/brass-m6-nozzle-for-mk8-extruder-p-904.html

  • Alee B | 12/02/2016

    Will this work on g2s pro?

    • rita xiang | 12/04/2016

      Yes, this is the nozzle used on the hotend for G2s pro.

  • Stephane Bois | 03/25/2016

    Can it be used on the 2 to one of the M201? If not can you tell me which is the part number for the M201 2 to one...

    • Quentin Qiu | 03/27/2016

      Hi, sorry to tell you it can not be used on M201. Currently we don't have spare part sold alone for the 0.4mm brass nozzle on M201.

  • Ben Trapero | 02/02/2015

    Hi guys, Can I change the 0.3 Me creator nozzle to this one, I have a Me creator but I need a 0.4 nozzle instead of 0.3

    • Alina Wu | 02/02/2015

      Yes, this is the correct one to fit for your MK8 extruder with your me creator.