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  • A20M Printer GT2560 V4.1B Control Board
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A20M Printer GT2560 V4.1B Control Board


Shipping Weight:200g

Quantity in stock:999990


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This V4.1B bord can only be a replacement for V4.1B board,  can not replace V4.0 board or other board . 

pls check which board does your printer has before order . the board type will be written on the board itself .

need order a same board as your printer originally has. otherwise will not be compatible .

A4988 stepper drivers are soldered on this board.


Here are its main features:

1. Using ATMEGA2560 as its core chip, with its flash memory at 256KB and operating frequency at 16MHz.

2. Compatible with 12V/24V input voltage. Featuring dual power supply, one for powering up the heatbed (15A), the other for other electronic parts (10A).

3. The interface for the heatbed comes with a high-power MOS tube, which is of ultra-low conductive internal resistance. High performance and stable.

4. With 2 interfaces for normally open fans and 1 interface for LED light.

5. Driven by 5pcs A4988 stepper motors for dual extruder .

6. With extension interfaces for LCD display and SD card. Support 2004 or 12864 LCD display.

7. Support 3D touch auto-leveling function and filament detector.

8. Using Marlin firmware, stable and easy to operate.

9. Highly integrated and easy to assemble.



 Net weight: 72g

Gross weight: 113g

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  • Dick Powell | 08/11/2021

    Does this have V4.1B board soldered with TMC 2208 drivers?

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/16/2021

      hello , this board is soldered with A4988 drivers; if you need V4.1B board soldered with TMC 2208 drivers, pls order this, but write a comment for your order, need A20M V4.1B board soldered with TMC 2208 drivers instead . comment for your order , not comment here.