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  • Hybrid stepper motor 42SHD0034-20B for 3D printer
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Hybrid stepper motor 42SHD0034-20B for 3D printer


Shipping Weight:310g

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This is the stepper motor we use on the X/Y/Z axis for Geeetech Prusa I3 and Delta series 3D printers.


General specification

Step angle: 1.8°

Number of phase2

Insulation resistance100MΩmin. (500V DC)

Insulation classClass B

Rotor inertia38g cm2 


Wiring length: 700mm

Connector: XH (2.54mm-4pin)

Net weight: 232g

Shipping weight: 310g


Electrical specification

Rated voltage5V

Rated voltage: 1.0A

Resistance per phase: 5.0Ω±10%

Inductance per phase: 6.2mH±20%

Holding torque: 300mN.m

Detent torque: 12mN.m

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  • Lubomir Kalman | 01/18/2017

    Hello I want ask if there is possibility to replace this stepper in my PI3 proB with one with step angle 0.9°