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  • MK8 Dual extruder holder
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MK8 Dual extruder holder


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This is a metal extruder holder for your Prusa I3 3d printer. Compared to the ABS/PLA printed plastic extruder holder, this metal one has better heat resistance. This one is for the MK8 dual extruder. 

You can use it on the geeetech Prusa I3 pro C.

For detailed dimension, please refer to the picture.

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  • andrew walding | 02/08/2019

    Can you help me fit this please? The screws provided for the base are not long enough to be able to fit the dual extruder into the middle hole, as illustrated (as a result, the extruder clashes with the lip at the "fan end". If I attach the extruder onto the end hole (nearest the x axis), then it is too close to the x axis. Can you help please??

    • Jocelin Jia | 02/14/2019

      please double check if you wrong assemble the screw, there should two long screw.

  • Azra Gradincic | 10/22/2018

    Hi, I have the Prusa i3 B (I guess...) If I want to upgrade to a dual extruder, would this metal holder and one additional extruder be enough or do I have to buy the dual extruder as it is in the shop? If this would be OK, I would also need the metal bracket to connect the two extruders.

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/23/2018

      http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17887, please kindly refer to this links, thanks

  • David Paton | 09/26/2018

    Will this fit the Geeetech Prusa I3 Aluminium for dual extruders

    • Jocelin Jia | 09/27/2018

      if you upgrade I3A to dual extruder, you will need it, thanks

  • Travis Narcisi | 12/08/2017

    Will this fit on my I3 Pro c to replace the one that I purchased from you ? I have the metal bracket version but it seems to not fit ????

    • Zina Luo | 12/11/2017

      Hi Travis ,are you looking for the holder for the pro C ? This one is for dual extruder .You can send me the parts you would like to my email:zina.luo@geeetech.cn

  • Fran cesco | 10/17/2017

    can i upgrade i3 Pro W to dual extruder with this?

    • Zina Luo | 10/17/2017

      Hi Fran ,yes .

  • Bottausci Mathieu | 11/08/2016

    Hi, where can i buy the metal block to connect the two extruders ? Thanks

    • rita xiang | 11/08/2016

      please contact sales@geeetech.com for the metal block

  • Eduardo Portella | 08/04/2016

    Its possible to use it with a dual extruder with cooling fan?

    • rita xiang | 11/08/2016

      yes, of cause you can.

  • Alberto Da Silva Lopez | 06/27/2016

    Will this product work to upgrade the Prusa i3 pro B?

    • rita xiang | 06/28/2016

      upgrade pro B to dual extruder? yes, it works

  • Guilhem Fronval | 05/04/2016

    Does this product comes with the metal block to connect the two extruders? If not where can I acquire one.

    • rita xiang | 05/06/2016

      no, the block is not included, please contact our sales for the block.

  • Guilhem Fronval | 05/04/2016

    Will this product work to upgrade the Prusa i3x?

    • rita xiang | 05/06/2016

      sorry, not compatible.