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  • Geeetech PLA White 1.75mm 1kg/roll
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Geeetech PLA White 1.75mm 1kg/roll


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About this item 

【Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency】  GEETECH PLA has strict tolerances. Diameter 1.75mm, dimensional accuracy +/- 0.03mm

 without any exaggeration. It works and harmoni  zes perfectly with all common 1.75mm FDM 3D printers.

【1kg (2.2lbs) Spool】Pack of 1 1kg/(2.2lbs) Yellow Color pla. Spool size: Φ200mm/7.9" flange, Φ56mm/2.2" hub hole, 64mm/2.5" width. 

Reel is suitable for most trendy printers, Comgrow, Geeetech, Longer, LABISTS, ANYCUBIC.etc

【Easy-to-Use, Clog-Free, Bubble-Free】

Recommended extrusion nozzle temperature 185°C - 215°C, hot bed 25°C - 60°C. 

Works perfectly with all common 1.75mm FDM 3D printers.

【Vacuum Packing】– Vacuum sealed with desiccant to maintain low level of moisture content. 

And please keep it dry and dust-free after after opening the sealed package to prevent it becomes brittle or jams the nozzle.

Note: an extra sealed bag is offered to store filament. 


Net weight: 1 kg 

Color: PLA white

Filament sizes: 1.75mm

Material: Polylactic Acid

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  • MR LUMAN | 08/16/2021

    great one and safe and secure service

  • Dominique Kindt | 07/13/2021

    Very fast delivery. Thanks a lot.

  • Mohd Nazirul Syafiq bin Raiee | 06/21/2018

    Fast delivery, tq very much

    • Jocelin Jia | 06/21/2018

      Hi Mohd, Thanks your comments, if any question, please contact us freely

  • Eric Gilroy | 06/05/2018

    This should only cost $1 as I was a winner in the Official Anet, Geeetech 3D printer Support Group (Inc RepRap Prusa i3 ) competion

    • Jocelin Jia | 06/06/2018

      Hello Eric, Thanks your comments, the order is processing now,thanks your more patience