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  • V3.0/V3.1 Extruder Small Circuit Board Extension Board for A20 A20M A30 A10 A10M
  • V3.0/V3.1 Extruder Small Circuit Board Extension Board for A20 A20M A30 A10 A10M

V3.0/V3.1 Extruder Small Circuit Board Extension Board for A20 A20M A30 A10 A10M

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V3.0/V3.1 Extruder Small Circuit Board Extension Board for A20 A20M A30 A10 A10M
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  • 1m PTFE Teflon tube pipe 2*4mm For filament
  • Car Adapter USB Power
  • Geeetech Filament Detector Module for V4.0 V4.1 control board ve
  • 10pcs x Rubberized bearing pulley
  • A10M A20M 2 in 1 out dual extruder hotend
  • 5pcs * Nozzle for A10M A20M A30M A10T A20T A30T
  • A20T GT2560 V4.1B Control Board, before order pls check which board does your printer has
  • V4.1B Board A10 Pro/M/T Heatbed Aluminum Plate
  • Arduino Touch Button module
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  • 12pcs 3pin M/F Jumper Wires
  • A20T GT2560 V4.0 Control Board, before order pls check which board does your printer has
  • USB microB Cable-50CM
  • Mechanical End Stop Endstop Switch
  • Ball bearing 608ZZ
  • Cooler Axial Fan 12V 30x30mm
  • A20T GT2560 V4.1B Control Board, before order pls check which board does your printer has
  • Opto optical Endstop end stop Switch
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Geeetech Extension Board

This extension board is compatible with four Geeetech 3D printers, namely, A10, A10M, A20 and A20M with V3.0 or V3.1 control board verson . before order , pls check if your printer extension board is same as this picture or not . we have different version. 

It comes with 8 interfaces for connecting the extruder, heater cartridge, thermistor, 3D touch, capacitive approximity sensor, air blower, and two fans.


Net weight: 5.5g

Gross weight: 46.5g




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  • Hubertus Baehr | 07/06/2021

    Where can I find the input/output flag reverence list ?

    • Jocelin Jia | 07/07/2021

      hello, pls check the product picture on this product page , i have added it

  • Gabriele Fabbris | 08/30/2020

    How can you install this on A20M? this board is bigger than the original, and there is not enough space to put it on the x-axis (where the old one is located). Can you provide som instructions? Thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/31/2020

      hello, this extension board is for printer with V3.0 or V3.1 board . if your printer is with V4.0 board, you need extension board 700-001-1253. it is not listed on our store , you can order this extension board 700-001-1110, but leave a comment for your order , need it for V4.0 board . i will change order for you when i process orders .

  • Jean-Charles MARTIN | 12/22/2019

    Have you got the wire between this PBC and GT2560 V3 board?

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/23/2019

      yes, pls send an email to sales@geeetech.com , will arrange for you offline. it is not listed on the store

  • Ivan Enriquez Granda | 11/07/2019

    Hello I ordered this, and the tracking page doesn't show any changes since october 27

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/08/2019

      hello, your order is on transit, China post tracking number: RV216493975CN post shipping usually takes long time, 20-30 days to arrive, if still not received your parcel, pls conatct local postage

      • Ivan Enriquez Granda | 11/13/2019


  • David Rayle | 10/26/2019

    Does this work on the A30? The item name says, "yes," but the Product Info and other comment below says, "no."

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/05/2019

      hello, this is for A10 A10M, A20 A20M. you can order this and leave a comment for your order that you need A30 extension board 700-001-1060, i will arrange for you. or send email to sales@geeetech.com, we will arrange for you offline

  • Dave Perry | 07/11/2019

    Hi John re green male plug, RS part no. 897-1070 works well. Dave.

  • Wolfgang Fahl | 07/05/2019

    Why is this not available via https://www.amazon.de/Geeetech-extruder-Extension-Board-Drucker/dp/B07L6DG2F6 and well documented there?

  • John Chrapkowski | 02/18/2019

    Hi, Does this include the male green heater cartridge connector? Thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 02/19/2019

      not include

      • John Chrapkowski | 02/20/2019

        Thank you for the reply.Do you seem them? if no, Do you know what the name of this connector is so I can purchase somewhere?

  • Scott Finlon | 02/15/2019

    what type of connectors do the 3 fan connectors use? I need to re-wire a fan and need to buy some connectors to do so

  • Daniel Badde | 01/01/2019

    Can I use this to upgrade my A10M for printing with more than 2 colors?

    • Jocelin Jia | 01/02/2019

      Do you mean it print 3 in 1? the board do not support it.

  • Igor Rodriguez | 12/09/2018

    Hello! what i do to enable 3d touch on geeetech a10 printer?

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/10/2018

      firstly, connect the wires on extension board secondly,please update the firmware to latest version then configurate it on firmware

  • James McElhany | 11/02/2018

    Need board layout. Need cabling info.

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/02/2018

      this is design for A10 A10M A20 A20M, you can find it in the picture