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  • UV curing light UV lights(405 nm)
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UV curing light UV lights(405 nm)


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6 high power UV lights(405 nm), can fast curing the 405nm UV resin printed objects, reduce printing time greatly

Within 5 cm to the light, the resin can be cured within 10-15 seconds, but thicker parts need more time.

Low consumption, high brightness

Can be applied to DIY curing enclosure and use in a handheld way, due to strong UV light output, please wear eye protection device.



Type: UV curing light

Color: grey

Light emission wavelength: 405nm

Input voltage: 110-260V

Power: 6W

Output Affect: 60W

Lamp body size: 115*85*90mm

Frequency: 150- 60Hz

Light bulb type: high brightness UV light

Life expectancy: 10000H

Uses: UV curing, resin curing (SLA DLP print curing)



This UV curing lamp uses a double flat head plug. If you need other plugs, please purchase the corresponding adapter plug

Don't look at the light source.



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