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300-40/200-25/100-12 !!!Filament Start From $8.27/KG $15/KGGet Your Discount Now
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3D Touch V3.2Pro, For Mizar M and Thunder
New Structural DesignHigher PrecisionAutomatic detection
$26.50 $32.99
Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Auto Leveling Sensor
accuracy deviation 0.005Automatic detectionAbnormal alarm
Geeetech 3D Touch V3.2 Pro Auto Leveling Sensor
New Structural DesignHigher Precisionfor Various hotbed
Geeetech Filament Detector Module for V4.0 V4.1 control board ve
Compatible with most 3Dfor A10 A10M A20 A20Mfor A10T A20T A30T
Mechanical End Stop Endstop Switch
Mechanical End StopA10/A10M/A10T/A20/A20MA20T/A30 PRO A30M A30T
Mizar S 3d Printer Auto leveling Sensor
auto-level sensorfor Mizar S printerheatbed Auto leveling
MK2A PCB Heatbed 3D Printer Parts/216*216*2mm
216mm*216mm*2mmMK2A HeatbedRated Voltage 24V
$6.90 $15.90
Opto optical Endstop end stop Switch
Optical endstopReliable endstopSwitch solution
A10Pro A10M A10T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
Top layer 240*240*1mmBottom layer 235*235*0.6Flexible Removable Magne
ABL Auto Leveling Kit for Mizar S Printer
Built-in ABL auto-levelfor Mizar S 3D printerAuto Leveling kit
Mizar S A20 A20M A20T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
Top layer 265*265*1mmBottom layer 260*260*0.6Flexible Removable Magne
Mizar S Photoelectric Limit Switch End Stop* 3PCS
Mizar S endstop switchfor X-axis and Z-axisphotoelectric limit swit
A30 Pro A30M A30T Magnetic Flexible Removable Printing Platform
Top layer 335*335*1mmBottom layer 330*330*0.6Removable Magnetic Plate
A20 A20M A20T Mizar S Super Plate Glass Platform For Thunder , 260*260mm
260mm*260mm*4mmSilicon carbide glassHigh-performance
A30 PRO A30M A30T Super Plate Glass
Better adhesionHigh-performanceEasy to clean with alcoh
2pcs * A10 Pro A10M A10T Mylar Sticker Platform
235*235*0.4mmfor A10 A10M A10TEasy to use
2pcs * Mizar S A20 A20M A20T Mylar Sticker Platform
260*260*0.4mmfor A20 A20M A20T MizarSEasy to use
2pcs * A30PRO A30M A30T Mylar Sticker Platform
330*330*0.4mmfor A30 A30M A30TEasy to use
Heatbed Aluminum Plate for A10/A10M/A10T ,Without welded line
Heatbed Aluminum Plate235*235*3MMFor A10/A10M/A10T
$7.00 $29.90
Mizar S 3d printer Heat bed Full Fixed Hotbed Kit
Mizar S Heat bed kitRated Voltage 24VHot bed resistance 2.2Ω
Heatbed Aluminum Plate for A20/A20M/A20T
Heatbed Aluminum Plate250*250*3MMFor A20/A20M/A20T
Borosilicate glass platform 210*210*3mm for A10/A10M/A10T
Borosilicate glass plat210*210*3mmA10/A10M/A10T
$6.90 $23.00