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  • Geeetech 1.75mm 1kg/roll PLA Wood Filament
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Geeetech 1.75mm 1kg/roll PLA Wood Filament


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This is a wood based filament that can be used in most desktop 3D printers, such as our Geeetech I3 pro B. The wood filament prints easily and smoothly, similar to PLA, and give off a smell of wood when printing. The printed objects look very much like a wood carving work, which will appear rough and similar to MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard but it can be easily sanded.

Because 3D wood filament has real wood fibers, the print temperature can be adjusted during the print to produce differing shades of color. If the print temperature is adjusted by as little as 10 degrees mid-print, the resulting color will have a "grainy" look. Printing at lower temperatures will produce a brighter color; versus a print at higher temps will create a darker print. Possible extrusion temperature is better to be with a good starting point at 190°C. Hotter temperatures will extrude a darker filament; using variable temperatures during a print. 


Suggested setting: 

Layer height: 0.25 mm 

Default extrusion with: 60~ 80 mm 

Speed for non-moves: 40~60 mm

Temperature of extruder: 190℃~230℃



Net weight: 1 kg 

Color: Natural

Filament sizes: 1.75mm

Print Temperature: 190 - 230


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  • Normen Hansen | 04/02/2018

    Hi, can you tell me the density of this filament so I can enter it in my slicer software? Thank you!

  • Torsten Pehlke | 02/09/2018

    I would like to change the shiping adress to: Torsten Pehlke c/o Haus Neuland Dockstr. 18 28237 Bremen Germany

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Torsten,sorry for late reply.Could you please email me your order number:jocelin.jia@geeetech.cn,I will help you.Thanks.