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  • 3D Printer supplies Filament RepRap PLA 1kg/roll Red
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3D Printer supplies Filament RepRap PLA 1kg/roll Red


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Compared to ABS, PLA demonstrates much less part warping and curling, for this reason, can be successfully printed without a heated build plate.

If you’re new to 3D printing,PLA Filament is a good material to start with because it’s easy to use and performs well on most prints.


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  • Philippe RADOUX | 06/23/2020

    Reçu bien emballé, s'imprime très bien sur Geeetech A10 Pro et A10T. 210° 50mm/s Rétractation 2.80mm

  • Dennis Reikowski | 05/29/2018

    Very good Product! 10/5 Stars Rating. The printing Quality is insane. It is vacuum sealed and on my first 40 meter 1,7mm !!

    • Jocelin Jia | 05/29/2018

      Hi Dennis, Thanks for your favorable comment.Thanks.

  • Juan Rueda-Clausen | 02/25/2016

    Hi, how much is for the shipping to colombia south america?

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/26/2016

      Hello, you can add the commodity to the shopping cart, and you can see the shipping cost. And you can contact our online sales. Thank you.