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Documentation Version Date File size Count File
Some_relationship_between_success_rate_and support V1.0 ?


2019-09-05 694 KB 951 Download
DP200_User_Manual(English)_V1.00 V1.0 ?


2019-11-04 3100 KB 1001 Download
DP200使用手册(中文版) V1.0 ?

DP200 使用操作说明

2019-08-27 3201 KB 902 Download
DP200_upgrade_instructions V1.0 ?


2020-06-16 567 KB 883 Download
Related Software Version Date File size Count File
DP200 Web_upgrade file V1.0 ?

Files: DP200_LCD_V1.02.xx.bin (CRC32: 74581524)

Main repairs:

Faster model 3D rendering.
Faster bottom data transfer.

New Features:
new graphical interface.
add model loading progress bar.
add model data transmission progress bar.

Bug fixes:
remove model mirrored.


Bug fixes:
fixed wrong slicing progress and layer count.
fixed incorrect scaling.
fixed no lifting after the printing paused.

2020-06-16 5267 KB 935 Download
DP200 Screen _upgrade file V1.0 ?

Files: DP200_MB_V1.2.hex (CRC32: 4997859B)
Main repairs:

1. There is a bug in the calibration interface,the completion prompt appears when you click the center continuously, but you cannot click.
2. There is a design mistake in model zooming, the initial version is designed as digital zooming in equal proportions, unreasonable, correct it to the model zooming in equal proportions.
3. Remove the system information (remove temperature, CPU usage, etc.) during the slicing process. When the slicing process is stuck, it is easy for the customer to create the illusion that the control board is not working.
control board:
1. Firmware update BUG on the STM32 control board (add "Z_move_comp \ r \ n" to the commands G0, G1, G28)

2020-06-16 715 KB 893 Download
Related video Version Date File size Count Link
Geeetech DP200 Introduction Video V1.0 ?

Geeetech DP200 Introduction Video

2020-03-30 / 94 Open