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Download E180 files

Documentation Version Date File size Count File
E180 User Manual(English) v2.0 ?

This user manual is for the E180 user

2019-05-08 3139 KB 736 Download
Firmware Toolkit For Geeetech Printer(Link) v2.0 ?

Refer to the link then download the correct files.

2019-02-25 0 KB 1274 Download
Related Software Version Date File size Count File
E180 UI File v2.0 ?

E180 UI file

2019-07-26 388 KB 660 Download
E180_M04/S01 V1.32.41 ?

MD5 checksum: F8527A6827BC78793F472BDFBA9A676B

Update content:
-The first official release.

2019-01-24 17737 KB 1009 Download