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Download A20M files

Documentation Version Date File size Count File
Geeetech A20M User Manual(French) v2.3 ?

Copie de A20M User Manual.

2019-08-19 5221 KB 170 Download
+ Geeetech A20M User Manual(English) v2.2 ?

A20M User Manual

2019-08-19 5056 KB 172 Download
v2.3 ?

A20M User Manual

2019-08-19 5095 KB 49 Download
v2.1 ?

This user manual is for the A20M user.

You can refer to it and it will tell you how to use the A20M.

Update:Corrected some words.

2019-02-18 5052 KB 704 Download
Firmware Toolkit For Geeetech Printer(Link) v2.0 ?

Refer to the link then download the correct files.

2019-02-25 0 KB 1906 Download
Related Software Version Date File size Count File
A20M_G04(GT2560V3+CH340) V1.0 ?

MD5: 9BAA488B38B271CD6586626C24DD7785

update content:
-The first official release.

2019-01-24 132 KB 1077 Download
A20M_G04(GT2560V3+CH340 Support 3Dtouch) V1.0 ?

MD5: 6F4973699F7AFA85C2BCF7112F9AE2AB

update content:
-The first official release.
-Support 3dtouch/bltouch

2019-01-24 157 KB 1283 Download
Repetier-host Profile for A20M V1.0 ?

This file is for A20M user.
You need to refer the A20M user manual then import it.

2019-02-19 2 KB 928 Download