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Hobbyist PCB Service

Hobbyist PCB service

This PCB prototype fabrication service offers a quick and high quality PCB fabrication experience for PCB hobbyists at a very competitive price.

By developing a portfolio of very strong and fully qualified partners we have established the capability of giving our customers whatever prototype PCB you need or a. We can offer low cost PCB prototypes for the electronics hobbyist for low volume PCB prototyping or a prototype for a high volume run.

Our staff of experienced professionals is here to serve our customers, assisting you in finding the right printed circuit boards solutions for your specific needs.

Why choose us:

  • Low- cost, high-quality PCB Board, you can save money on your prototype fabrication.
  • PCB prototyping building, 1 to 4 layers! That is far enough for hobbyists.
  • Quick turn PCB prototype, PCB boards arrive at your doorstep within only 5-8days.
  • Keep all costs to minimum and maximize our customers' benefits!

How to get PCB from Geeetech

PCB Manufacturing is a long and complex process. Geeetech makes it so easy:

  • Fill in the requirement online, attached your design files (Gerber files, drill and readme file in a zip or rar packaged) and elaborate your special requests in the enquiries.
  • Place the order and complete the payment. You can payment by PayPal. Once the work has been done and checked. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Our expert engineers will check and test your layout to ensure the correct prototype is fabricated. They will provide their knowledge to each order to eliminate possible issues in your product.
  • Your order will be processed after that; all the boards will be fabricated and tested and get packaged if every goes well.
  • DHL, FeDex, UPS, TNT, HK post, are our shipping partner, it usually takes only 3-5 days to get them at your doorstep.