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Download A30 files

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This sch file is for GTM32 PRO VD on new version A30.
You can refer to it.

2019-02-19 69 KB 3187 Download
Firmware Toolkit For Geeetech Printer(Link) V2.0 ?

Refer to the link then download the correct file.

2019-02-25 0 KB 5436 Download
Related Software Version Date File size Count File
+ A30_M07/S01 V1.38.59 ?

MD5 checksum: AEEA43339E22EC2EC046294D777D9753

Update content:
1. Fix the Z value abnormal problem caused by repeated operation on manual leveling interface
(including z-axis lifting and lowering operation).
2. Support TMC2208
3. Fixed the misjudgement problem during the process of upgrading the LCD and some data
uploading to screen.
4. Fixed the problem when only has a single extruder, open other extruder no. in the printing file,
the printer keeps waiting for the temperature of other extruders instead of printing.
5. Fixed the abnormal movement when the printing is finished
6. Fixed when printing via SD card, send "M117" + "ETE" and it will be recognized as serial
printing & SD printing.
7. Fixed the layer height display error.
8. Fixed the problem that the printing won't stop during auto bed leveling.
9. Add the feature that the hotbed will moveforward after printing finished.
10. Make improvements on the problem that the hot bed won't stop heating when printing is paused.
11. Fixed the problem that no notification when printing is paused and no SD card
12. Fixed the late response and abnormal actions caused by the suspension and termination at the
beginning of printing
13. Fixed the problem when operating auto bed leveling printing, the pause is not timely during
the process of measuring G29.
14. Fixed the problem that -19℃ is shown up randomly.
15. Fixed some compatability issues.

2019-01-24 18311 KB 4907 Download
V1.37.58 ?

MD5 checksum: 69B5B41E35FE5ADB68B5DA504F5F1B9C

Update content:
1.Add 3D Touch interface recognition in auto leveling function to complete backward compatibility
with the old version one that only supports the capacitive proximity sensor.
2.Repair printer restarting caused by consecutively receiving null characters on the motherboard
serial port.

2019-01-24 18308 KB 1420 Download
V1.36.57 ?

MD5 checksum: DB024C683F75D0551D750D9020D81B13

Update content:
-New features
1.Add control interface to A30 series new motherboard (GTM32_PRO_VD, hardware version number > 3.1),
and backward compatible with A30 old version (GTM32_MINI_S).
2.Add upgrading error handling mechanism.
-Bug fixes
1.Fixed forced pause during printing when Z hop > 0.5mm (the Z hop limit is changed to < 5mm).
2.Fixed printer unable to connect to Cura.
3.Fixed unstable printing through serial port in S3D.
4.Fixed printer repeated restart caused by the serial port module.
5.Fixed slowly response from screen (Optimize and rectify the communication protocol between the
motherboard and the LCD Display).
6.Fixed interface operation problems (Such as no response from half LCD screen).
7.Fixed Automatic Leveling.
8.Fixed the stucking in powered on/printing.
9.Fixed the abnormal operation caused by the exception threw by printing-continuously checking
during printing.
10.Handled the exceptions threw by Material Detection.
11.Fixed the scraping occured in the homing process.
12.Modified the framework code to increase stability of processing.
13.Fixed bugs in legacy code.

2019-01-24 17750 KB 1386 Download
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GEEETECH A30 slicing | Repetier Host V1.0 ?

GEEETECH A30 slicing | Repetier Host

2020-04-23 / 797 Open