10 best free STL Files/3D Print Models Site you will need

The name is pretty self-explanatory, right? STLFinder is another simple search engine that will crawl the Web in search of free STL files, looking through many websites for 3D print models. You can also create an account to bookmark your favorites for future reference


1 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #1: Thingiverse


The single biggest content repository on this list, Thingiverse is a website operated by MakerBot Industries, the creators of the popular Replicator series of 3D printers. The site is well established and mature, with a huge community of dedicated makers offering free STL files to download in varying categories and complexity. If you’re looking for cool things to 3D print, this is a very good place to start. (Thingiverse)

2 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #2: GrabCAD


The mission statement of GrabCAD is to “help mechanical engineers build great products faster”. The site offers tools that help users collaborate in the development of their 3D print models. But for the typical 3D printing enthusiast (like YOU), the best part of the site is their large library of 3D printer files — available as free STL files to download and other file formats — created by a community of over a million engineers. (GrabCAD)

3 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #3: Sketchfab


Sketchfab is a great source of user-generated 3D designs, with an emphasis on character design and sculpture. Their 3D print models are only a sub-category of a larger collection, and most of them are OBJ files and some are free STL files (the difference is that OBJ format contains color information), but if you’re looking for something unusual then this is the place. (Sketchfab)

4 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #4: Autodesk 123D


Software company Autodesk has a dizzying array of computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D modeling tools, aimed at both professionals and amateurs. Autodesk also has a portal where users can upload their 3D print models and share them with other users. Many STL files can be downloaded for free, but because the emphasis is on 3D modeling, they’re not verified as printable. (Autodesk 123D)

5 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #5: My Mini Factory


My Mini Factory is a community and repository for free STL files and 3D print models . It has close ties with iMakr, an online store that sells 3D printers and accessories. The site offers 3D print models designed by professionals, and all designs are tested for quality. You can also log a request for a specific 3D printing design that their designers will create and then share. (My Mini Factory)

6 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #6: YouMagine


YouMagine is a community website operated by Ultimaker, the open source 3D printer company, where users can upload and share 3D print models. Started in 2013, the site has some solidly designed items, and the free STL files you can download will work on any 3D printer. (YouMagine)

7 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #7: Yobi3D


Yobi3D is a bleeding edge search engine that helps you find free STL files, and then offers comprehensive features like 3D visualization, sharing, and even one-click 3D printing via 3D Hubs. In theory, you can select 3D print models and have them fabricated without even using a 3D printer. (Yobi3D)

8 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #8: Cults


Based in France, Cults is a community and marketplace where makers can share or sell their 3D print models. There are plenty of free STL files to download, and the standard is very high, and users can follow their favorite designers or get instant updates when a new creation is posted. Also a neat touch, the website supports both English and French languages. (Cults)

9 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #9: The Forge


This content repository is unique because it features the work of a single designer. Zheng3 is a prolific character in the maker scene, and the vast majority of his 3D print models are either funny or useful (and sometimes both). Check out his Robber Rex or Penny Balista for original examples. (The Forge)

10 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #10: Trinpy


Trinpy is another subscription service, where registered users can download unlimited “standard” designs and one “premium” design per month for no cost. There are further pricing tiers if you need to download in greater quantities. Most importantly, the company pledges that all their designs are 3D printable. (Trinpy)

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