Easy Way to Smooth PLA Prints Without Using Sandpaper

3D printing opens up a universe of possibilities in manufacturing. Even at home, you can create unlimited possibilities with a Geeetech FDM 3D printer.However, the final printed model often has a lot of annoying layers that make the whole work look rough.It is only through some post-processing techniques that a smooth appearance can be […]

5 Easy Ways to Prevent 3D Print Stringing

Stringing is one of the common issues we would meet during printing. Here are 5 solutions that you can refer to. Without a doubt, you can’t bear some minor flaws in the surface of a 3d printing model, let alone “String”. You complained that this printer is such trash contrary to expectations. At that time, […]

Plastic Not Sticking To the Bed

When the first layer is not staying flat on the print bed, check whether the bed is level. An unlevel bed would cause the object to warp and/or cracks in the higher layers of the object. Leveling can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort(If you hate […]

Overview: 3D Printing and Its Impact

Abstract In today’s world of mechanical engineering, the applications of 3D printing are huge. Hence, they are very useful for research and development of various components ranging from simple structures used in everyday life too complicated components in aerospace applications. 3D printing provides many advantages few are simplicity, reliability, and […]