Why In office 3D Printed Aligners Is More Affordable & Effective For Everyone?

ArchForm, a clear aligner treatment planning software company, announced that it has opened a 3D printing factory for orthodontists aligners on demand on October 15, 2020 and decided to go public in December. ArchForm produces aligner for half the price of other companies to rival industry leaders like Invisalign, Byte, Candid and SmileDirectClub. According to the company, […]

Halloween Deals Hot Now: Huge Discount on Geeetech Amazon Stores

If you’re the kind of person who waits for special days to get a good deal, now’s the time to start hunting! Halloween is around the corner.However,you may choose to celebrate safely at home because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.So why not spend your time with your favorite 3D printers? Look at these great 3D printers and […]

Israeli Company Developing World’s First 3D-Printed “Steak”

With the development of technology,3D printing technology gets more sophisticated and artificial meat hits more and more restaurants.So what if you combine these two?An Israeli startup has successfully created an artificial beef”steak”with 3D printing technology. The start up Redefine Meat,founded in 2018,called on people to practice vegetarianism concept by 3D printing the steak instead of slaughtering animals for food.The company claims its steaks look,taste and feel just like real […]

Why My Grandma Loves My Geeetech 3D Printer

I bought a Geeetech 3D printer the other day, downloaded free open-source designs for adaptive aids and printed out some plastic gadgets.I want to give my grandma a little surprise when she comes to visit me. My grandmother is suffering from arthritis which makes it painful for the joints to move.Owing to this physical ailment,her daily life is very inconvenient.As an example, she found routine […]

Unbelievable Germany’s First 3D-printed Luxury Building

For Chinese people used to living in houses made of cement, living in a 3D-printed house must feel quite exciting.In Chinese society, men propose to ladys generally with the prerequisite of having a car and a house.Imagine if, years from now, the house women want most is a 3D-printed one.Well,maybe that’s overstating it a little.But do you know what a 3D-printed house looks […]

3D Printer Filament Storage – How Is It Done Properly?

If you have moisture and mold in your home, you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, allergies and weak immune system.When you know the cause of the moisture, you can take steps to limit the moisture in the air. Likewise, humidity is a natural enemy of filaments.Some materials have no humidity problem.Others, such as PVA or […]

3D Printed Fashion is About to Go Mainstream

3d printing made a big splash when it first came out and it seemed like everybody’s desk were adorned with plastic toys.3D printing has rapidly found its way into almost every aspect of our modern world, being used to make parts for cars,planes and clothes.Today’s 3D printing technologies are advanced enough to easily produce shoes,soles and jewelry, but it’s […]