Top 5 Raspberry Pi Camera Cases to 3D Print

camera case placed on 3D printerWe’ve seen 3D printed cameras before, but they include some prefabricated parts: a hinge, a spring, or more complicated bits like shutters and iris mechanisms. Therefore, if you’re looking to add a camera model for your micro. You can choose from different makes and models. Camera cases 3D print is useful. But before going forward, just take a look at its important elements:

  1. Film cartridge
  2. Path of film across the frame
  3. Film take-up spools on the other side of the frame
  4. A set of gears to rotate the spools at the right speed
  5. A shutter
  6. An aperture plane
  7. A lens
  8. A door to access the film
  9. A lightproof box to hold it all

If you’ve got the camera … however, you wish a case or mount to place it! If you have got access to a 3D printer, things suddenly get a lot of fascinating. Hence, you’ll use them with the ever standard print software system and monitor your prints. Therefore, use it for your fancy DIY monitor.

Here, it is the best 3D printed Raspberry Pi camera case.

Raspberry Pi Camera Mount with Ball Joint for Reprap

This is specially designed to mount on a Prusa i2, RepRap pro or similar. The mount on a Raspberry Pi camera with a ball joint is for extra flexibility.

Who made it? 3dKarma

Download: Thingiverse

Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Camera V2 with a hole on the bottom to accept a tripod thread

This is the raspberry pi camera module fitted inside a 3d printed enclosure. Therefore, mounted to a 3d printed tripod. This simple design is easy to 3d print and takes a few minutes to put together.

You can use a Swivel-Head Adapter to adjust the position of the camera with a free range of motion. Hence, it locks in place with a side screw. You’ll need a few machine screws and other camera bits to assemble this project along with the 3D printed parts and raspberry pi camera module.

Who made it? Adafruit

Download: Thingiverse

Tom’s Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Mount for Zebra Case V1

This is a remix version of Tom’s Raspberry Pi Camera Mount V4 + (optional) LED Mount V. Therefore, as we know, things are getting smaller and smaller. So for this, we need Pi Camera mount for Rasberry Pi Zero (W) in Zebra Case.

Who made it? Tomulinek

Download: Thingiverse

The Mountster: a Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

The Mountster is a monster mount for the Raspberry Pi Camera. Hence, you can screw the cam to print using the two holes on the side of the lens. Also, there is an opening for the focus light.

Who made it? Jeromemaurey

Download: Thingiverse

Raspberry Pi Camera to Microscope Adapter

These two pieces fit together in order to adopt a Raspberry Pi Camera to a Celestron microscope. The first piece (rectangular one) fits the Raspberry Pi camera, while the second piece (cylindric tube) fits the microscope. Hence, two pieces snap together.

Who made it? Luisibanez

Download: Thingiverse

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