World’s first 3D printed house made its debut in Beijing China

World’s first 3D printed house

THE first 3D-printed house in the world has been completed and unveiled in China.
Unlike previous 3D-printed structures, reports stated this entire home was printed in one go, without being spliced together from a number of different pieces.
Experts at Beijing firm Huashang Tengda oversaw the impressive project, which took course non-stop over a period of just 45 days in the city’s Tongzhou District.
The result is the beautiful 400-square-metre home, which is a sturdy two-storey villa with walls as thick as 2.5 metres.
Each floor also has a height of three metres, reports said.

World’s first 3D printed house2
The 3D printer constructed the house in several layers. Picture: CEN/Australscope

World’s first 3D printed house3
The 3D printer constructed the house in several layers. Picture: CEN/AustralscopeSource:australscope
The printing was completed by the Beijing-based company, whose specialists oversaw the process, but didn’t need to do much physical work from start to finish.
Giant printers used special reinforced concrete to build the house, which is now open for public viewing.
China has unveiled similar feats in the past with multistorey houses being printed and then pieced together.
Architects involved hope it may soon become the norm for entire homes to be built from scratch by computers that control 3D printers.

Builders say the construction required little manual labour.