Are you ready for Global 3D Printing Day?

Only 3 days to go before the world celebrates Global 3D Printing Day on Saturday 3rd December!

Christmas comes early for 3D printing fans, 22 days early. 3rd December is 3D printing day, of course making reference to the ‘3’ and ‘D’ in 3rd December. Although slightly less well known, 3D printing day is indeed similar to Christmas. 3D printing day, started in 2013 by GE but now taken on by a wider group is a way to celebrate additive manufacturing and raise awareness of the growing industry.

3D printing day was used as a good excuse by enthusiasts to 3D print lots of impressive objects last year and we expect more of the same.

Next Saturday is the perfect time to start getting involved with 3D printing if you haven’t already and you don’t have to own a 3D printer to take part. Make sure to use the hashtag #3Dprintingday to get involved on social media. Also check out theFacebook event created by 3D Hubs to keep up to date with all that will be going on as it is announced. 3D printing day is a great way to find out about your local 3D printing community.

3D Printing Industry got in touch with some of YouTube’s 3D printing community to see how they will be celebrating this year.

Jimmy Shaw’s Tidbits

Jimmy Shaw’s Tidbits has a range videos showing 3D prints of various models from Thingiverse and around the web. He also performs tests on 3D printers, and provides solutions to 3DP problems, as with the anti-wobble brackets that he designed for the Geeetech Aluminum Prusa I3. As chance would have it, wobbling was a problem many others were having with the printer, and the video has now reached over 12,000 views.

Gif image shows a timelapse print of Jimmy Shaw’s wobble-fix bracket for the Geeetech Aluminum Prusa I3. Clip via: Jimmy Shaw’s Tidbits on YouTube

Jimmy will be releasing a new video to coincide with 3D Printing Day, but the details of exactly what that will be are so far under wraps…

A screenshot of Jimmy's recent review of the Geeetech MeCreator2. Via: Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits on Youtube

A screenshot of Jimmy’s recent review of the Geeetech MeCreator2. Via: Jimmy Shaw’s Tidbits on YouTube

3DPI have loved catching up with these 3 YouTubers on their current plans and projects. If you have anything 3D printing planned for the weekend please mail us here citing ‘Global 3D Printing Day’ in the title, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

We will have a follow up to this article coming soon, but in the meantime: Merry 3D Printmas!

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