Eight 3D Printed Useful Items

3D printing has been with us for years, yet its many applications remain unknown to outsiders. People today are still under the impression that 3D printing technologies are solely used in industrial settings.

I remember being interviewed by Joanna–team lead in our marketing dept.here at Geeetech. At one point during the interview, she asked: what do you know about 3D printers? To convince her i am no stranger to 3D printing,I found myself telling her stories of how 3D printing technology is used to produce parts for aircraft carriers (By then that was everything i had learned about the 3D printers).After i was finished,Joanna didn’t comment on my answer. She merely replied,calmly:3D printing is used in many areas and desktop 3D printers (which,as it turns out, are what Geeetech does) are capable of creating various kinds of objects such as phone cases, chairs and many more…

And ,as you may have guessed, i nailed the interview.:D.    

First day on my new job, i dubbed a video clip in which “Iron Man” and his sidekicks take on their mortal enemy:Thanos and his followers. It took us almost the whole day due to my shyness and awkwardness. But i was genuinely amused by our team’s ingenious ideas and amazed at the fact that 3D printing could be fun too, contrary to what i had pictured it to be.

In the days and weeks that followed,my teammates continued to turn their creativity into reality with the help of Geeetech 3D printers.

Let’s take a look at some of their productions:

Dog Muzzle

Dog muzzles are a controversial topic. Dogs are adorable and usually do not bite.They only bite when feeling threatened.Nevertheless,if your dog has a history of biting, it is advisable that you keep a muzzle at hand in the event of an emergency. Just make sure that the muzzle fits well on your dog. The good news is that you get to design and create one for your dog on your own 3D printer. I mean, who knows better about your dog than you do.

Download STL file here:


Chopstick Helper

Do you often find yourself wrestling with your chopsticks while eating Asian food?

Imagine your crush/date is craving some Chao Mian(fried noodles),but you can’t take her or him to that Chinese restaurant,worrying that your lousy chopsticks skills would make you look silly.

This little device may not look classy.It,however,could solve a real problem, and even be a game changer here.  

Download STL file here:


Cell Phone Stand

A holder to a phone is what a pillow to a human being. Even though this statement is not exactly correct , there is some truth in it. If you are someone who is constantly glued to your smart phone, having a phone stand would relieve some of the pressure on your neck. This robust smart phone holder is crafted to give support to your smart phone whilst you are using it.

Download STL file here:


Tool Holder

The benefits of having a tool holder are numerous and obvious, especially if you are a geek ,maker, or a diy enthusiast, which i believe you are. Having a tool holder 3D printed on your printer will definitely help with your future prints.

Download STL file here:


Grocery Bag Grip

You might be thinking these shopping bag handles are not really that great. But i believe otherwise. The supermarket where i do most of my grocery shopping is about 5 minutes’ walk away from my apartment. And since i only shop 2-3 times a week, every time i buy lots of stuff. And if you consider the vicinity of the supermarket, it does not make much sense to drive or take a ride. So these bag holders would make my shopping experience less painful. I believe delivery guys would find this grip very useful too.

Download STL file here:



Why would you buy your kid a paintbox when you could 3D print one yourself?  Just imagine your child’s look when you have it 3D printed before his/her eyes.

Download STL file here:


Cable Manager

Nowadays it is not uncommon for an individual to own a smart phone, ipad, laptop. Some people even have more than one of these items for various purposes. And each of these gadgets comes with its own electric cable, making maintaining a tidy work desk seemingly impossible.

If you are looking for ways to keep your workplace organized and neat, this 3D printed, low-profile cable management solution could be the one to go for,or at least, give you some inspiration to design and come up with your own solution.

Download STL file here:


Drawing Tool

Besides being aesthetically pleasing to the eye,these around toys have a practical use: to help with drawing circles.

Download STL file here:


Check out the videos below where Joanna tells you more about 3D printing useful gadgets:

Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kf_gSQyHMA&pbjreload=101

Part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99PAm4x0x88

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