Combination of AI and 3D Printing, Is this gone work?

Today’s topic is quite interesting. The most powerful technology at present is Artificial Intelligence(AI) and on the other hand, the capability to make what you desire is 3D printing technology. Hence a combination of  AI and 3D printing lets us see what is exciting about the technologies. Therefore, let’s see […]

Nasa used Geeetech A10 to create Electronics

Geeetech 3D printer at Nasa, Production of Electronic components [su_youtube url=”” autoplay=”no”] NASA Marshall Space Flight Center used  Geeetech A10 3D Printer during the prototype testing of the Electronic Alchemy Eforge 0.6 version. Morning Bird Media Corporation and A & M University for their STTR Phase II contract through an Additive Manufacturing […]

Recycling 3D filament- Plastic Waste

3D Printing is becoming more sensitive to plastic pollution that is created while printing the objects.  To overcome this thing we need to do the recycling of 3D filament from waste plastic and failed 3D prints. The biggest environmental issue. What comes along with 3D Printing is the leftover plastic […]

DIY: 3D Print your own Bluetooth Speaker

If you have access to a 3D printer, a bit of maker prowess, and a love for sound, you can build your own 3D Printed Bluetooth Speaker it will be mini and handy. Create your ultimate 3D  Printed speaker box Coder and tinker Yasthil Bhagwandeen shares a new Instructables project. On […]