Guide To 3D Printer Filament PART-II

In the previous guide to 3D printing, you came across the importance of 3d printer filaments, what is 3D filament made of? list of  3D printer filaments and in-depth knowledge related to Standard filaments. Therefore, various types of standard filaments, its applications, advantages, and disadvantages, extrusion temperature, and pricing. Now in this guide, you will be […]

12 awesome cookie cutters to 3Dprint for the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is upcoming,  You must have started to order those christmas ornament as what you did last year, wait please, this year, if you have 3D printer, you can 3d print the christmas ornament at home. Today, i will share with you 10 awesome cookie cutters to 3Dprint for Christmas. All the stl files can be found on thingivers. […]

Introducing 3DTouch auto leveling sensor for 3D printers

3DTouch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of your print surface. It can greatly improve the printing precision of your 3D Printer. 3DTouch features simple, smart and precise. It could work with nearly any kind of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metalsand so on.     […]

Introducing Iduino Yun cloud

Iduino Yun cloud is an ideal IoT device for Internet of Things projects. It is a compatible / replacement product for Arduino Yun. It works with Arduino IDE with version higher than 1.5.4. The Iduino Yun cloud is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 and the Atheros AR9331. The Atheros processor supports a Linux […]

10 best free STL Files/3D Print Models Site you will need

The name is pretty self-explanatory, right? STLFinder is another simple search engine that will crawl the Web in search of free STL files, looking through many websites for 3D print models. You can also create an account to bookmark your favorites for future reference 1 Free STL Files/3D Print Models Site #1: Thingiverse The single […]

Build your own 3D printed speakers

You may have heard many news about 3d printed house, 3d printed cars or something that you think is too far away from our daily life, today, let’s take a look at this 3d printed design, it is more true to life. Kitronik, a UK-based design studio, has created two 3D printable speaker kits: one […]