Easy Way to Smooth PLA Prints Without Using Sandpaper

3D printing opens up a universe of possibilities in manufacturing. Even at home, you can create unlimited possibilities with a Geeetech FDM 3D printer.However, the final printed model often has a lot of annoying layers that make the whole work look rough.It is only through some post-processing techniques that a smooth appearance can be achieved.The 3D printer filaments comes […]

3D Printer Filament Storage – How Is It Done Properly?

If you have moisture and mold in your home, you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, allergies and weak immune system.When you know the cause of the moisture, you can take steps to limit the moisture in the air. Likewise, humidity is a natural enemy of filaments.Some materials have no humidity problem.Others, such as PVA or […]

How to Prevent Blobs?Tips to Get Your Girl Back

I dated a girl to count stars over the lake last night.She is so beautiful and a perfectionist to her fingertips.A few months ago,I followed her instagram account and found that she loves Pokemon toys very much.So I decided to make a Charizard with a 3D printer and gave her as a gift.She looked at this cute stuff carefully but soon […]

Overview: 3D Printing and Its Impact

Abstract In today’s world of mechanical engineering, the applications of 3D printing are huge. Hence, they are very useful for research and development of various components ranging from simple structures used in everyday life too complicated components in aerospace applications. 3D printing provides many advantages few are simplicity, reliability, and precision, etc. Furthermore, let’s go […]