Halloween Deals Hot Now: Huge Discount on Geeetech Amazon Stores

If you’re the kind of person who waits for special days to get a good deal, now’s the time to start hunting! Halloween is around the corner.However,you may choose to celebrate safely at home because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.So why not spend your time with your favorite 3D printers? Look at these great 3D printers and […]

Halloween Cosplay Show by Geeetech

Why Halloween Day is Celebrated Around The World? “Halloween is celebrated in most of the countries every year as the Annual Holiday Celebration from October 31 to November 1“. First of all, sometimes you might have thought What is this Halloween? Where Halloween traditions came from? and How is it celebrated?. So join us for the […]

First-ever UK rails 3D printing its parts

First-ever UK rails 3D printing its parts- Its story 3D printed trains set to run in the UK making UK rails 3D parts alliancing with Angel Trains, Stratasys, DB ESG and Chiltern Railways for the first time in the world. Why 3D printing came into the picture? Therefore, as we all know that Railway parts […]

3D printed Bio-ink Human Cornea

3D printing is evolving in the field of Medicine-Bioprinting Human Cornea In November 2018 the First 3D printed Human Corneal Tissue at Newcastle University, printed inclusive of human corneal stromal cells with a 3D bio-ink human cornea that could last more than a week. The research took place from the past few decades, Dr. Che […]