3D Printed Fashion is About to Go Mainstream

3d printing made a big splash when it first came out and it seemed like everybody’s desk were adorned with plastic toys.3D printing has rapidly found its way into almost every aspect of our modern world, being used to make parts for cars,planes and clothes.Today’s 3D printing technologies are advanced enough to easily produce […]

3D printing post-processing

Post-processing is to 3D printing what clothes are to humans. You get the gist, right? 3D prints,more often than not, require various degrees of post-production treatment to be “presentable”. Whereas 3D printers using the same technology and marketed for about the same price usually do not vary much(theoretically) in terms […]

Step-by-step guide to dual extrusion setups

Nowadays, desktop 3D printers that come with 2 extruders are more powerful and affordable. (the latest A10M is available for merely $259 after a discount, with an upgraded motherboard/LCD/Frame). Still, many, especially beginners are intimidated by those dual extrusion systems. In light of this, I am presenting to you this […]

All-in-One 3D Printer Tests

Our team here at Geeetech has recently run a series of tests on our 3D FDM Printers-A10 and A10 Pro. To challenge their limits and capabilities, we printed the classic 3D Benchy, the 80°Overhang Model, and the PolyPearl Tower Torture Test Model. 3D Printer Test Models 3D Benchy The 3D […]

How to Max Out Your 3D Printer’s Lifespan

Just like any other equipment, 3D printers also require good care and regular maintenance to produce top-notch results. Compared to traditional printers, 3D printers are easier to operate and maintain. This article will discuss how to perform routine maintenance on your 3D printer. Routine check for printer Prior to your […]

5 Ways to Cash in On 3D printing

Are you a novice in 3D printing, admonished by your parents or mocked by your friends for splashing money on such an expensive “useless” machine? Are you a seasoned player in 3D printing, wondering what you can do with all your 3D designs, models and 3D printer, aside from keeping them […]