ABS-Like Resin in 3D Printing

3D Printer resin is a key material used in a specific type of 3D printing technology called stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP). The main technology in them is to cure and form liquid resin into hard models under ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. 3D printing technology first originated in […]

Operation Experience of Geeetech A30T 3D Printer

The prerequisite for printing good works is based on the adjustment of the printing equipment, the debugging of the model slices, the temperature setting of the printing consumables, and their quality. The solution to the printing wire drawing problem is: 1. Lower the nozzle temperature; 2. Set the retraction length. Here are some […]

Geeetech Alkaid LCD 3D Printer

It is well known that there are 3 kinds of light-curing 3D Printers in the market, they are SLA, DLP, and LCD light-curing machines. Alkaid 3D Printer belongs to LCD light curing machine. It’s easy to operate and assemble. Introduction to the Alkaid 3D Printer 1) High precision. ALKAlD features a […]

New Multi-color 3D Printers Mizar M is Officially Launched,  With Double Hotend Group Modules

On October 28th CST, Geeetech released a new generation mixing color 3D printer, Mizar M. Compared to Geeetech’s previous multi-color 3D printers, Mizar M is equipped with two print head modules – “Separated Color Module” and “Gradient Color Module”, corresponding to the two printing modes of “Separate Mode” and “Gradient Mode” respectively, allowing 3D printer […]