10 Quirky 3D Printables That You Need to Add to Your Garden!

Isn’t it just perfect when you print something that not only looks good but can actually be USED too? From your workplace to household items- 3D printing is bringing about a big change and we can’t seem to get enough. Online 3D printing communities and forums are continuously sharing new ideas that we can 3d print to make our lives easier!

Today let’s take a look at all the cool printables available online for those who love gardening! Plant pots, watering cans, and even your greenhouse can be 3D printed right from your home. If you are hesitating to choose PLA, ABS, or PETG 3d printing filaments to print planters or other tools, you can check the full introductions in our previous blogs.

Useful gardening printables

Witnessing the growing process from seed, and shoots to mature green plants always brings much joy to our daily life. You can refer to the following list of the most useful models for gardening.

Oddish Planter

You could print out a standard round planter for your succulents and plants. OR you could print out this superb Oddish Planter made by 3DCentralVA with snap-together legs that look like this Oddish is about to walk away. The choice is yours! You can get the print design and follow the instructions here.

Garden Plant Signs

It’s nice to know which herbs and vegetables are in your garden especially when some of them look similar. You could draw and paint your signs but they ultimately wear off so creator Paul Hoover came up with the unique 3d printed signs in many different varieties. You can find them for cauliflower, kale, beets, broccoli, snap peas, cucumber, tomato, peppers, blueberries, and spinach. And if you want a custom one made. Just stick them into your flower pot or bed. Find the design here.

Hydroponic Plant Pot

Hydroponics has changed the way many of us grow plants and if you’re looking for a pot then this is the one you need. There’s a grid at the bottom to hold growing material and if your plant roots take control of the pot, use Diamond Age Solutions’ Ivory PLA so you can recycle the whole lot in the compost heap once you are finished! Designed by Vik, check out this cool pot here.


Potted plants are easy to grow but if you’re wondering how to successfully grow plant cuttings then meet rootcup. It is divided into 2 sections- one which keeps the roots protected from light and the second part where plant leaves stay above the water so that they don’t rot. This handy little invention, designed by Michaelgood, makes growing your plants much easier! You can either buy it from Rootcup website or 3D print your very own from Thingiverse.

Watering Spout

No watering can? No problem! You can turn your plastic bottles into a makeshift watering can with the help of this useful spout created by Edmo. Simply screw it onto a 2L soda bottle and get watering. Available on Thingiverse you can find the instructions and STL files here.

Small Garden Shovel

Nothing like 3D Printing your own gardening tools! This handy shovel isn’t as big as your standard-sized one but nevertheless gets the work done! It’s also the perfect size for kids interested in gardening and we love the organic design. Made by Hungerpirat, so check it out here.

Onion pots

Special pots are just for growing your favorite onions

It’s about time we stopped buying onions and started growing them ourselves especially since they’re so easy to maintain. All you need are these cute and efficient onion pots available on Thingiverse, here. You can even print them out in different sizes, thanks to the designer- 3Domas.

Upcycle Jar Greenhouse

We all have numerous glass jars that we just can’t seem to throw away! But you’ll be happy to know you can finally put them all to good use thanks to designer Milhooz. This 3d print turns your jars into a mini greenhouse and it even has a water reservoir and a lip to collect condensation water and re-inject it in the reservoir. Its hexagonal design lets you pack them in a honeycomb pattern or mix sizes easily. Find it here.

Slug Trap

Rainy weather is the perfect time for slugs and snails to come creeping into your garden. And if you find pesky slugs eating away at your veggies then you need to print out this slug trap. This simple design by AlexEnlgish simply requires you to place the trap near your plant and fill it up to 2/3rd with beer to lure in the slugs. It even has a sloping top cover to keep the rain from getting in. Print your own slug trap here.

Garden Toad

No garden is complete without an ornament and if you’re bored of the same old garden gnomes then how about this garden toad? You can either paint it up or leave it just as it is thanks to the amazing detail designed by WorksBySolo. Find the instructions and design here.

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