You can now 3D Print these Exclusive Beauty Products right from home!

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You may have heard the saying “People will stare. Make it worth their while”, and certainly, this is possible only due to Makeup which no lady can forget. Imagine if you can 3D print your own makeup matching it to the exact color you want. Like a peach orangish lipstick and rather than imagining about the color, you pick it up directly from the real world. This is now possible thanks to 3D printing. It’s clear to see that 3d printing may soon take over the Makeup industry and soon there will be no brands ruling the scene if all the Beauty products can be custom made. You don’t need a brand when you make beauty products yourself, not only printing out the makeup but also getting it directly painted on your face.

Here are all the Beauty products you can 3D print:


Grace Choi is a 30-year-old serial inventor who is taking on the $55 billion makeup industry by giving women the power to have what they want when they want it. Her printer connects to the app on your Desktop and uses a dropper tool to choose any color you want that prints onto pods of powder for your personal use. This innovative concept gives a great freedom to choose the colors as there are numerous colors available in nature while the big brands provide specific color choices. Here you don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to understand 3D printing and you don’t need a boatload of money.

A Harvard Business School student Grace Choi first presented her new invention, Mink a 3D makeup printer at TechCrunch a massive technology conference in New York in 2014. She gave an onstage demonstration to all the audience showing how to pull a color from any image online. She used Adobe Photoshop and chose to copy the exact eyeshadow shade used in Michelle Phan tutorial and then print it normally like you know: File, print and so on directly on the cosmetic substrate using a similar printer to home offices one.The ink-jet printer went to work dyeing a colorless powder (it can also dye cream products) with an FDA-approved ink, and in less than 30 seconds she had the same eyeshadow from the video. She popped it into a makeup palette to make it look pretty, and voila— a makeup from a printer. The Mink makeup printer is currently on a preorder for $275.

We can just assume that if this works well all the retailers will see a decline in sales.Because of its affordable price point, convenient approach, and customizability, why would any makeup junkie ever walk into a busy department store again?


Stockholm, Sweden-based skincare company, Foreo, has just unveiled MODA, ‘the world’s first digital makeup artist. MODA will integrate the 3D printing with the real-time facial mapping software.All you need to do is choose from a library of dozens of pre-set looks of a simple mobile application.

Once chosen, the look can be previewed on an image of the users face, and if they like what they see, they simply place their face into the printer, it scans their facial geometries and then 3D prints the makeup onto their skin in just 30 seconds. They have developed a feature where you can browse and choose from the available libraries and select the best red carpet look. You can check whether the look suits your face or not.The ‘Uniquely You’ mode will suggest looks based on an individual’s facial geometries.

The makeup is applied layer by layer like first the primer then the foundation and the final 3D printed layer is the high-impact color for the cheeks, lips, and eyes. Thus the future of 3D printing is just making impossible things possible.

Personalized Lipstick Applicators

For a woman,  lipstick is very personal, right from choosing the right shade to choosing whether you want it to be matte or glossy etc.. every woman’s preference is unique. Also, every women’s mouth is of a different shape.Now there is also a need for a personal applicator rather than the normal way.The Cosmetic Science Research Group at London College of Fashion have proposed a more convenient way to apply lipstick instead of the standard swivel-up tube. With the help of 3D scanning and printing, they have developed a personal applicator that is convenient to apply.

To create the applicator, firstly you need to scan the lips then a profile with the data was created. The researchers then transfer the digital image model of the lips to Autodesk 3ds Max for modelling and optimization.To create the best mould two 3D printing techniques and 3 different materials were used than the filled the moulds with lipstick, put them in the fridge and removed them after 15 minutes. The only winner was PLA as it got perfectly detached from the lipstick.The most obvious benefit of having your own 3D lip scan is that you don’t need to find a mirror anymore since it’s perfectly shaped to your mouth.

3D Printed Lipsticks

Smashbox is allowing us to apply customized lipsticks. From a part of their BE LEGENDARY collection, the customer got to choose from 120 different shades.The Smashbox Custom 3D Printed Lipstick printed out on a compact case in any shape the consumer desired. You can choose any design that you want: hearts, emoji stars, signatures, Twitter handles, logos—you name it. The print gets transferred into a mirror compact, and you are ready to apply the lipstick using a brush or your fingers.