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Moisture sensor.jpg

This Moisture Sensor can detect the moisture of the soil around the sensor, which is ideal for monitoring the indoor plants or the soil moisture in your garden. It can be very to use, just insert it into the soil and then read it.

This sensor uses the two probes to pass current through the soil, and then it reads that resistance to get the moisture level. More water makes the soil conduct electricity better, while dry soil conducts electricity is poor.


  • Power supply: 3.3v or 5v
  • Output voltage signal: 0~4.2v
  • Current: 35mA
  • Value range:
    • 0 ~300 : dry soil
    • 300~700 : humid soil
    • 700~950 : in water

Wiring diagram

Moisture wiring.jpg

Moisture Table.jpg

Example code

 # Example code for the moisture sensor
 # Editor     : Lauren
 # Date       : 13.01.2012
 # Version    : 1.0
 # Connect the sensor to the A0(Analog 0) pin on the Arduino board
 # the sensor value description
 # 0  ~300     dry soil
 # 300~700     humid soil
 # 700~950     in water
void setup()
void loop()
 Serial.print("Moisture Sensor Value:");

How to buy

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