LilyPad ProtoSnap E-Sewing Kit

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This board contains three parts:A Cell battery who supplies 3.3v voltage,five LED lights are used to display part,the third part is a slide switch and a button.The working principle of this board is simple and it is very easy to be used.When you want to use it you should put a cell battery to the battery holder and turn the S2 on,then you can see LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4 are all on. when you press the S3 button the LED5 is on, if not the LED5 will off.The board includes a battery so you can start your project as soon as you open the box!

The board series is a new way to prototype your project without a breadboard. Everything is wired together on a single board, which makes it easy to explore the possibilities of the components before snapping them apart and building them into your project.

How to buy

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