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This HotEnd V2.0 is compatible (or adaptable) almost all known 3D printer. The HotEnd V2.0 version is a high performance hotend for use with RepRap and other 3D printers,making your printing even faster. The hot end comes completely assembled: wire it to your electronics and it is ready to print. It now includes an aluminum mount plate and aluminum heat sinks. The HotEnd V2.0 also brings changes to the nozzle, heater block, and threaded extension with harder aluminum and revised thread profile for more reliable nozzle changes.

HotEnd V2.0.jpg

This product adopts Teflon and aluminum alloy heat radiator for heat dissipation and duralumin alloy nozzle. Its surface is covered with anodic oxide coating, which can resist oxidation corrosion and increase nozzle hardness. Since the heat-insulated pipe is designed with Teflon, the material will not soften easily, thus ensuring finer and more stable printing.

Product Introduction

Suitable raw material PLA and ABS
Printing material 1.75mm or 3mm ABS or PLA
Printing resolution 0.1mm
Molding form FDM
Material Metal
Nozzle diameter 0.3, 0.35, 0.4 , 0.5 optional                      
Printing thickness 0.1mm-0.3mm
Nozzle temperature 180℃-240℃
Movement speed                50cc
Outline dimensions 66*70*40mm L/H/W        
Weight 120g
Input voltage default to 12V
Heating voltage of extruding head              12V
Thermistor 100K 1% high-precision NTC Thermistor
Cartridge heater 12V 30W

How to buy

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