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The Azteeg 3D Printer is an open source controller designed to be used in RepRap 3D Printers and similar cartesian based machines including CNCs. It has all the features

needed to run all current and future single extruder designs.

The Azteeg is based on Sanguino/Sanguinololu and is compatible with most Arduino based firmware(Sprinter,Marlin,Repetier, plus others.). It is pin to pin

compatible with the Sanguinololu with the addition of a FAN PIN. The Azteeg features mostly SMT parts to ease production and reduce cost.

Compatible with Pololu and Stepstick stepper motor drivers with the ability to use an external power source for the motors with higher voltages.

The Azteeg 3DP is your low cost, compact and expandable 3DP printer controller. Fully Assembled except for the white connectors where you have a choice between

right angle and vertical orientation. Soldering iron required.


  • Atmel ATmega1284p with FT232RL FTDI USB chip
  • Compatible with Sprinter, Marlin, Repetier, others.
  • High current capacity connectors and PCB traces.
  • Mosfet control for 1 extruder and 1 hotbed
  • Extra PWM control for small fan or LEDs
  • 3 end stops and 2 thermistor inputs
  • 12-30v input high efficiency switching Power supply @ 500ma max
  • Dedicated uSD card female header [SDRAMPS compatible]
  • Low RDSon Mosfets for less heat buildup
  • Input power selector for micro controller [USB or internal regulator]
  • Secondary power input for stepper motors.
  • Optional pads for TVS spike suppression diodes for the Mosfets
  • Mosfet Heatsinks included
  • i2C, Tx1 serial, +5, GND, SPI and ADC pins on the expansion ports
  • Fast acting blade fuse
  • Both right angle and vertical connector sets included
  • Lots of LEDs, PWR, hot end and hot bed.


Testing the Azteeg

1.You need download the - Sanguino Patch for Windows , Sanguino Patch for OSX to hardware of IDE ver 0022/0023

2.Upload the Azteeg Test Code to Azteeg from IDE ver 0022/0023 and select ATmega1284p in Board.

3.Motor will be positive and negative run in each port, two green LEDs will blink .


Guide Azteeg

Azteeg SCH

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