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The Mini6410 Single Board Computer is a high-performance controller board introduced. It is designed based on the S3C6410 microcontroller, 256MByte DDR SDRAM, 1GByte Nand Flash, RTC, Audio and net on board. It has integrated RS232, USB, Ethernet, Audio In/Out, Keyboard, LCD, CVBS、TV out, camera in, SD card and more other functions on board. So many hardware resources provided by the expansion board, it becomes a solid reference board for customer design.

We also offers a complete software development package to customers. The board supports linux 2.6.36, Android2.1 and WindowsCE 6.0 operating system and is provided with complete basic drivers which enable a quick channel to evaluate the Samsung S3C6410 processor and customize application software. It would be an ideal development platform for multimedia and communication applications.

Hardware Features

The S3C6410X is a 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor, which is designed to provide a cost- effective, low-power capabilities, high performance Application Processor solution for mobile phones and general applications. To provide optimized H/W performance for the 2.5G & 3G communication services, the S3C6410X adopts 64/32-bit internal bus architecture. It also includes many powerful hardware accelerators for tasks such as motion video processing, audio processing, 2D graphics, display manipulation and scaling. An integrated Multi Format Codec (MFC) supports encoding and decoding of MPEG4/H.263/H.264 and decoding of VC1.

The Mini6410 Single Board Computer is based on S3C6410 processor. This board is characterized as follows:

  • Dimension: 110 x 110 mm
  • CPU: 533 MHz Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S with VFP-Unit and Jazelle (max freq. 667 MHz)
  • RAM: 256 MB DDR RAM, 32 bit Bus
  • Flash: 256MB NAND Flash(can support 1GB nand flash)
  • EEPROM: 1024 Byte (I2C)
  • Ext. Memory: SD-Card socket
  • Serial Ports: 1x DB9 connector (RS232), total: 4x serial port connectors
  • IR: Infrared Receiver
  • USB: 1x USB-A Host, 1x miniUSB Slave-OTG 2.0
  • Audio Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Audio Input: Condenser microphone
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 10/100M (DM9000)
  • RTC: Real Time Clock with battery
  • Beeper: PWM buzzer
  • Camera: 20 pin Camera interface (2.0 mm)
  • TV Output: CVBS
  • LCD Interface
    • STN Displays:
      • Monochrome, 4 gray levels, 16 gray levels, 256 colors, 4096 colors
      • Max: 1024x768
    • TFT Displays:
      • Monochrome, 4 gray levels, 16 gray levels, 256 colors, 64k colors, true color
      • Max: 1024x768
    • 40 pin (2.0 mm) and 41 pin connector for FriendlyARM Displays (4.3" and 7")
  • Touch Panel: 4 wire resistive
  • User Inputs: 8x push buttons and 1x A/D pot
  • User Outputs: 4x LEDs
  • Expansion: 40 pin System Bus, 30 pin GPIO, 20 pin SDIO (SD, SPI, I2C), 10 pin Buttons (2.0 mm)
  • Debug: 10 pin JTAG (2.0 mm)
  • Power: 5V connector, power switch and LED
  • Power Supply: regulated 5V (Mini6410: 0.25 A, Mini6410 + 4.3" LCD: 0.5 A)
  • OS Support
    • Windows CE 6
    • Linux 2.6
    • Android
    • Ubuntu


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WinCE 6.0

Boot loader
  • Version: Stepldr and EBOOT(provide Source code)
  • Function: support download and update system by SD and USB support uplate the boot logo
  • Qucik boot: for 15s booting
  • Version:Wince6.0 R3
  • Function: HIVE register support, BINFS support, 256M memory manage, SLEEP
Device Drivers
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen(support 3.5"LCD, 4.3"LCD, 7.0"LCD, 8"LCD, vGA)
  • CMOS camera driver
  • user key driver, PWM driver
  • RTC driver
  • DM9000 driver
  • SD card support
  • touch screen support
  • audio In.Out
  • USB host: usb disk, usb key, usb mouse
  • serial driver
  • media support(JPEG, fimc, MFC, 2D/3D,TVENC, TVSCALER)
  • WIFI, GPS, GPRS, Camera
  • VGA driver(can support 1024 * 768)
  • USB bluetooth, USB WiFi, USB mouse, USB key
  • IE6 explorer.
Test program
  • LED test, button test, serial debug tools, PWM test, TV test, OpenGL test
  • COMS camera test, SD wifi test, USB wifi test, backlight control test, usb bluetooth test, NET test.

Linux 2.6.36

Boot loader
  • verison: s3c-u-boot-1.1.6
  • Function: support boot and update system by SD card and USB
Linux kernel
  • verison: s3c-Linux-2.6.36
  • Compile: arm-none-linux -4.5.1-v6-vfp
  • Function: support MFC, Jpeg encode, 2D/3D
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen(support 3.5"LCD, 4.3"LCD, 7.0"LCD, 8"LCD, VGA module)
  • LCD backlight control
  • 4 Serial port driver
  • DM9000 net driver
  • Audio driver(WM9714)
  • RTC driver, User LED driver,
  • USB HOST driver, USB camera, USB key and mouse, USB Disk.
  • SD card driver,
  • Watchdog driver
  • media play driver(JPEG, fimc, MFC, 2D/3D,TVENC, TVSCALER)
  • CMOS Camera
  • SPI driver
  • USB module( bluetooth, WiFi, mouse, key)
File System support
  • ubifs/yaffs2/cramfs/fat32/NFS/Ext2/Ext3
Gui support
  • qtopia-2.2.0
  • QtE-4.4.3
  • QtE-4.7.0
server program
  • Busybox 1.13
  • Telnet, FTP, Inetd
  • boa(web server)
  • madplay(play mp3)
  • snapshot(capture program)
  • ifconfig, ping, route(net command)
Test program
  • ADC test, LED test, buttons test, I2C test
  • LCD test, ping test, usb camera test
  • recode test, web browse test
  • watch dog test
  • net config test
  • LCD backlight control test
  • lauguage test(support chinese, english)
  • QT4 test
  • SMplayer test
  • 3G set
  • GPRS Set
  • USB camera test
  • TV-out test
  • SD WiFi, usb wifi test

Android 2.1

Boot loader
  • verison: s3c-u-boot-1.1.6
  • Function: support boot and update system by SD card and USB

;Linux kernel

  • verison: s3c-Linux-
  • Compile: jdk5
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen, Audio OUT, MMC/SD card, NET, Serial port
  • watchdog, RTC, keyboard
  • WIFI, GPS, Camera, USB bluetooth, Net DHCP, usb disk, 3G
File System support
  • Ubi filesystem, yaffs, ext2/3,
Function use example
  • Ethernet, Support DHCP.
  • SD WiFi support
  • GPS support
  • COMS Camera support
  • 3G support(WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-CDMA)
  • USB Disk support
  • USB Bluetooth support
  • Switch horizontal and vertical screen
  • Dynamic Wallpapers

Ubuntu 0910

Boot loader
  • verison: s3c-u-boot-1.1.6
  • Function: support boot and update system by SD card and USB
Linux kernel
  • verison: s3c-Linux-
Ubuntu rootfs
  • Ubuntu 0910, EXT2/3, UBIFS