Coming on September 15th 10 AM EST
For Early Birds:$399
More Stable Structure
All-metal Body
Response in Real Time
Closed-Loop Control
Large Printing Volume
Strong Model Adhesion
New Generation Hotbed
Fast Speed 3D Printing
up to 300mm/s
Efficient Cooling System
5 Cooling Fans
Humanization Designs
X/Y Axis Belt Quick Adjustment
Print at the Speed You want
Multi Printing Modes
Efficient Extrusion System
Dual Drive Gear Extruder
High-speed 3D Printing to Print Faster
The printing speed of THUNDER can reach up to 300mm/s with acceleration of 5000mm/s² for X-axis and 4000mm/s² for Y-axis. With same model and same printing quality, you can save 30%-70% printing time according to the complexity of the model.
Y-axis Professional Damping Structure Design
Geeetech THUNDER specially designed a professional damping structure for the Y axis, which intelligently manages the speed changing and largely reduces the vibration rate of the machine. It allows smoother movement for the hotbed.
High Efficiency Heat
Heat dissipation is one of the bottlenecks in high-speed printing. Geeetech Thunder designed two high-volume heat dissipation fans on the hot end. What’s more, to achieve high-speed single-layer printing, Thunder also added two larger auxiliary part cooling fans. These 4 fans can be turned on at the same time with the "One-button Strong Cooling Mode" function.
X/Y Axis Intelligent
Monitoring System,
Response in Real Time
Both the X-axis and Y-axis of Geeetech Thunder are equipped with closed-loop drive. Compared with open-loop drive,when using the same stepper motor, closed-loop drive can produce greater torque, faster response, and the printed model is not easy to dislocate.
Extrusion System
To cope with high-speed printing, Geeetech upgrades several aspects for THUNDER's extrusion system.
Dual Drive Gear Extruder
Durable and not easy to age
High Power Heating Module
Up to 70W Power, Avoiding Clogging
Larger Volume Nozzle
No Lack of Filament
Dual Z-axis with
Seperated Limit Switch
THUNDER is designed with two independent Z-axis, each with independent photoelectric limit sensors that automatically eliminate height errors on the left and right sides of the X- axis, significantly improving the print quality of the model.
High Printing Accuracy
Thunder runs at the accuracy of 0.1mm, no compromise to the printing quality even when you prints at fast speed. The printed model come with fine finish, smooth curves, clear angles and solid structure.
Large Printing Volume,
Bigger Platform For
Your Creation
The printing volume of THUNDER 3D printer can reach up to 250mm*250mm*260mm,providing your creativity a bigger space.
Lear More
THUNDER Mass Production Test
THUNDER Unboxing & Assemble Instruction
Gleam Giveaway
Geeetech Thunder Giveaway
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ber*****    2023-08-28 09:17:54
is that a bowden tube or is it direct drive
sid*****    2022-09-21 01:27:35
I hope it's easier to operate and understand than my Anet printer
323*****    2022-09-12 02:33:03
Can't wait until they are available
fur*****    2022-09-07 18:00:29
Can't wait until they are available
don*****    2022-09-06 21:24:28
It looks like it goes twice as fast as my Anet
don*****    2022-09-06 21:23:51
Are replacement parts available easily
don*****    2022-09-06 21:23:07
I hope it's easier to operate and understand than my Anet printer
don*****    2022-09-06 21:22:17
Will it run off any programs I have on my Samsung 22 a ultra
don*****    2022-09-06 21:21:09
I wonder where it is manufactured
don*****    2022-09-06 21:20:21
I wonder if they have a larger version
don*****    2022-09-06 21:19:38
Does it have it own printing hardware and can you download directly from say Cura
don*****    2022-09-06 21:17:58
What types of materials will it run
don*****    2022-09-06 21:17:20
Does it come assembled
don*****    2022-09-06 21:16:33
I hope it runs better than my Anet a8 it looks fast
ant*****    2022-09-06 13:13:16
I do cars hope it makes cars and truck parts
rho*****    2022-09-06 10:16:15
Love the dual Z, extra cooling, dampened stepper motors, and a bed size between the small and larger best. Some real thought went into the design of this printer.
c_p*****    2022-09-05 04:51:41
great 3D printer!
dev*****    2022-09-05 04:30:31
I've always wanted to try a 3d printer!
cri*****    2022-09-05 02:51:43
I find the speed incredible, it will help me a lot to be able to generate my 3D models faster
sim*****    2022-09-05 02:26:55
So beautiful
als*****    2022-09-04 13:10:13
Splendid 3D-printer I would really like to try...
Fat*****    2022-09-04 08:06:16
Can’t believe the speed this printer can achieve while still maintaining great quality!
gre*****    2022-09-04 01:14:31
This sounds awesome. Would love to try to print my Radio Control airplane using this printer
meg*****    2022-09-03 15:30:46
This looks ace!
pyr*****    2022-09-03 05:59:56
sounds interesting would love too try one
awp*****    2022-09-03 05:42:44
If this is as affordable as it sounds and is good for a novice would be a great value.
tre*****    2022-09-03 01:57:36
I have an A10 Pro. If the Thunder is as good a quality as my A10 it should be an excellent printer, and lightning fast.
toe*****    2022-09-03 00:49:11
High speed 3D printing sounds like a winner.
k3p*****    2022-09-02 23:15:33
Looks like it's cutting edge!
caw*****    2022-09-02 16:35:37
Looks Amazing. Would enjoy this system better then the one I already have.
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