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MightyBoard LCD 2004 Controller is a controller for the Make Bot Replicator without a PC. It is the expansion board of the MightyBoard. From the board, we can know the working condition and achieve basic control of the MightyBoard. The screen of the Interface Board can display 4 lines of text, with 20 characters per line. That gives us a grand total of 80 characters to work with, although scrolling to display more text is very simple to do.

Overview and Hardware Resources



The expansion board includes a standard 2004 LCD screen, 2 kinds of backlight which are yellow button black character and blue button white character to choose, 5 operation buttons which are “↑”, “↓”, “←”, “→” and the confirm button in the middle, tow LED display light, a SD card slot and two interfaces of IC. In the red box there’s a level match IC: 74HC4050D, in the blue box there’s a 8 grade serial shift register. Product weight: 135g

Software Resources

As the extension board of MakerBot MightyBoard RevE, MightyBoard LCD 2004 Controller doesn’t need extra software; it supports plug-and- play when connected to its program-burnt motherboard- MakerBot MightyBoard Rev.

Interface specifications



Interface Connecting and Setting

The expansion board must be used on MakerBot MightyBoard RevE main board only. all you need to do is connect the simple horn seat cable to the horn seat on the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE main board directly . As shown in Figure 3-1, please pay attention: the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE can only identify memory cards less than 2G, do please plug in the appropriate SD card (cards less than 2G) to the extension board. Otherwise, the card can’t be identified.

Get Started

If the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE has program loaded, you only need to correctly connect the MightyBoard LCD 2004 Controller to MakerBot MightyBoard RevE to work normally, without any other settings. If the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE has not program loaded, please refer to the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE manual of Geeetech Company.

Note: the SD card slot on the expansion board and the TF card slot on the main board cannot be used at the same time.<b>


Q: The content displayed on the screen is not clear.

A: Slowly adjust the Contrast Res at the bottom right corner of the extension board to any direction until the displayed font is clearly visible.

Q: The contents displayed on the screen are all messy code.

A: Reset the main board first to see whether the situation has improved, if they are still messy code, make sure the firmware version of the MakerBot MightyBoard RevE downloaded is Replicator 7.5, and the cable between the extension board and the main board is in good addition.


Schematics Media:MakerBot Replicator Interface REVB Schematics and Fab Files.pdf

BOM Media:MakerBot Replicator Interface REVB BOM.zip

MakerBot LCD Media:MakerBot Replicator Interface Board REVB.zip

How to buy

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