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  • XZN PPM encoder module
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XZN PPM encoder module


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PPM encoder module is used to translates up to eight PWM (pulse width modulation) signals into one PPM (pulse position modulation) signal with ATMEGA328 IC, allowing you to connect a PWM receiver to a PPM-compatible autopilot with one wire, which on the one hand reduce the interface of the main chip and on the other hand save the space on PIXHAWK. As a result, you’ll get faster processing and reduced points of error.

1. PPM encoder combines up to 8 channels from a regular RC receiver to a single PPM input through ATMEGA328 processor for your flight controller (like Pixhawk) or electronics project.

2. When power on the PPM encoder, if the LED fast blink, there is no signal input, if the LED slow blink, there is signal input.

Dimension: 35mm*25mm*6mm

Net weight: 2.6g

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